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Promotional Products for Sustainability-Minded Craft Breweries

Beer enthusiasts’ thirst for craft beer continues to grow. According to the Brewers Association, overall U.S. beer volume sales were down 1% in 2017, whereas craft brewer sales continued to grow at a rate of 5% by volume, reaching 12.7% of the U.S. beer market by volume. Craft production grew the most for microbreweries.

In addition to producing great tasting beer, craft breweries are making an impact on local economies. Craft breweries support local communities through property and sales tax revenue, job creation and local sourcing of ingredients. The demand for locally, ethically grown hops has been a boon for business for many small farmers across the country. Some breweries also donate their spent grain to farmers for animal feed.

Craft breweries are also committed to the environment and many make sustainability a high priority in their operations. By far the biggest environmental challenges breweries face is trying to reduce the amount of water required to make beer. In a recent article, Water Deeply gives a detailed account of what breweries are doing to conserve water, including testing beer made from recycled water and turning water into energy. In addition to donating spent grains to local farmers, breweries are finding other ways to use spent grain like turning it into baked goods such as bread and dog treats.

In addition to buying beer, enthusiasts are also buying logoed merchandise. Breweries have become vacation destinations. That means branded merchandise for the brewery store is an integral part of their business operation. Branded apparel items, like t-shirts, hoodies and hats, are top sellers at most brewery stores. Breweries can further show their environmental commitment by choosing eco-friendly apparel such as items made from cotton, hemp or recycled materials.

Branded glassware and coasters are also very popular at breweries, both for beer consumption on-site and for sale in the store. Eco Promotional Products offers a full-line of glassware for bars and restaurants including pint glasses, pilsner glasses, Belgian beer glasses, tasting glasses and more. Coasters are useful for serving beverages and then customers can take them home as souvenirs. Reclaimed cork coasters and recycled paper coasters are a favorite for breweries as they are affordable and eco-friendly.

Other products that are great additions to brewery’s merchandise lines include branded growlers, keychains, decals, pins, coasters, insulated drink holders, cooler bags and bottle openers. Eco Promotional Products loves custom projects. Contact us for a customized catalog of items for your brewery store.