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Promotional Products for Sustainable Energy Companies 

Renewable energy companies and the companies helping energy providers become more sustainable have to promote their brands sustainably, even more so than businesses in other industries. If a business is built on sustainability, it’s imperative to choose sustainable promotional products that align with a company’s brand and mission. Sustainable energy companies come to Eco Promotional Products for company apparel, tradeshow giveaways, and gifts for employees and customers. 

The following are the best-selling items for companies in the renewable energy sector: 

Plantable Promotional Products. Seed paper gift packets or bookmarks with seeded shapes are waste-free and fully customizable to share your company’s message. Solar energy companies can spotlight their company with a seed paper sun; wind energy providers can do the same with a seed paper wind turbine. We also have seed paper light bulbs to encourage recipients to make the switch to LEDs. Electric vehicle manufacturers or dealers can also promote their company or new car with seed paper car shapes. If our stock shapes don’t match your brand, there’s also an option to create your own custom shape. 

Eco-friendly Apparel. Many of our recycled t-shirts and polo shirts have a low carbon footprint or utilize carbon offsets. The carbon footprint of an apparel item is reduced when using materials such as USA grown organic cotton, recycled cotton, and recycled polyester. RPET polyester fabric is made using less water and less energy than virgin polyester. The emissions generated when making select products are sometimes offset by purchasing offsets through These apparel items are great for sales teams, installers, and employees.  

Solar Chargers. Custom branded solar power banks are ideal for creating brand awareness for solar energy companies. Mobile chargers can be powered by an outlet and also by the sun. Chargers are the ultimate giveaway to stay charged and connected. 

Multi-Tool Pens. With an LED flashlight, this multi-tool pen is a low-cost giveaway for tradeshows or to leave behind when doing on-site home estimates. Featuring a ballpoint pen, flashlight, compass, stylus, cell phone stand, and a double-sided screwdriver, this pen has it all. Simply uncap the stylus to access the pen and phone holder, pull the pen apart for the screwdriver, and flip the compass over for the flashlight. This long-lasting promo product will keep your brand top of mind for years to come. 

Wind Turbine Pens. For companies in the business of wind energy, wind turbine pens are a perfect educational or community outreach giveaway. Made in the USA, full-sized ballpoint pens are bent into the shape of a wind turbine. Pens come in a variety of colors, including select recycled colors. 

Water Bottles and Tote Bags. Mainstays for anyone looking for eco-friendly promotional products, energy companies recognize the positive impact reusable water bottles and reusable tote bags have on the environment. Branded stainless steel water bottles and cotton tote bags are favorites among energy companies. 

Eco-Friendly Awards. Recognize top sales team members or employees’ years of service with USA made awards. Colorful, one-of-a-kind awards are made from recycled glass. Recycling glass reduces emissions, saves energy, and reduces the consumption of raw materials, making these awards truly sustainable.  

Eco Promotional Products has years of experience working with sustainable energy companies. Let us help you choose the best sustainable promotional products to build your brand.