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Promotional Products for Water Conservation Programs

Many states promote water conservation during the months of April and May. Florida, Arizona and California are three states that make water conservation a high priority. While there might not always be drought conditions during water conservation months, it’s important to practice water conservation at all times.

April is the height of the South Florida’s dry season. The area is not currently in a water shortage due to recent record rains but according to the South Florida Water Management District a portion of the region has been in a drought at some point in nine of the last 14 years. 2016 will be 18th anniversary of Water Conservation Month in Florida.

Like Florida, in 2008 the governor of Arizona, through executive order, designated April as Water Awareness Month. The Arizona Department of Water Resources, Arizona Municipal Water Users Association and water conservation partners from around the state offer ideas and activities to help residents learn more about water conservation through the website

The state of California, which has had four straight years of extreme drought, promotes water conservation with its statewide program, Save Our Water. While early 2016 heavy rains have helped fight record drought conditions in California, mandatory water conservation rules are still in effect.  

Fresh, clean water is a limited resource. Water conservation efforts not only help our world’s water supply but even the smallest conservation efforts can help people save money. Water agencies in areas with drought conditions can promote water conservation programs with education and water saving promotional products.

Education is key to water conservation and it starts with our youngest generation. Kids often don’t realize how much water is wasted during showers, hand washing and brushing teeth. Custom activity books and education wheels about water conservation can teach kids easy ways to conserve water.

In an average home, washing machines, toilets and showers require the most water. A toilet leak can waste up to 200 gallons a day and run up a home’s water bill. Eco Promotional Products’ leak detection tablets detect leaks in large or small toilets. Tablets are attached to a small pamphlet customized with your logo and contact information. 

A very simple way to use less water is to take a shorter shower. The average American’s shower lasts 8 minutes and uses 2.2 gallons per minute. A promotional 5-minute shower timer can help save more than 4 gallons of water during every shower! Timers are attached to shower walls with suction mounts keeping your message highly visible. Shower timers are also a helpful tool for hotels and fitness centers to encourage guests to take shorter showers.

Outdoor watering can also be a huge unnecessary waste of water and overwatering plants can hinder growth and even cause plants to die. Water conserving garden hose nozzles, plant moisture meters and rain gauges are all popular promotional water saving products.

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Water droplet photo credit: D Sharon Pruitt