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Promotional Products for Water Conservation Programs

In recent years California, Texas, Florida and Georgia have all suffered through drought conditions. This year drought conditions have moved to the Great and Northern Plains including parts of North and South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska and Iowa. No matter the current conditions, it’s important to practice water conservation at all times.

After one of the wettest winters on record, California finally emerged from a five-year drought earlier this year. Some areas of the state like San Joaquin Valley are still feeling the effects of the drought and will for many years. Given the likelihood of future droughts water conservation programs are still in effect.

Fresh, clean water is a limited resource. Water conservation efforts not only help our world’s water supply but even the smallest conservation efforts can help people save money.

For water agencies, municipalities and other organizations looking to promote water conservation, choose promotional products made from recycled materials. The manufacturing processes used to create recycled products uses less water so these are ideal products to highlight your message.

Following are six eco-friendly promotional products, four of which are made from recycled materials, that are great for water conservation programs:

  1. Rain gauges: Outdoor watering can be a huge, unnecessary waste of water. Overwatering plants can hinder growth and even cause plants to die. Rain gauges keep track of rainfall to encourage users to water and when not to overwater. Made from recycled plastic, the rain gauge will mount on posts and fences with screws or insert into ground
  2. Recycled pencils: Education is key to water conservation and it starts with our youngest generation. Kids often don’t realize how much water is wasted during showers, hand washing, brushing teeth and more. Pencils made from recycled denim are blue, keeping with the water conservation theme, and are a great giveaway to encourage children to be more water aware.
  3. Household towels: For cleaning, chamois cleaning towels take the place of disposable paper towels. Towels trap dust and can be used dry, in turn using less water. Towels are reusable and long lasting.
  4. Drawstring backpacks: Available in four different shades of blue, kids and adults love these versatile backpacks. Priced affordably, these backpacks can be used as a giveaway for school events and presentations.
  5. Recycled t-shirts: Employees of water conservation organizations or those working awareness events should all wear logoed apparel with their water conservation message.

These products are all on sale through September 30. Further details, including pricing can be found HERE.