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Raising Funds for a Water Refill Station through Reusable Water Bottle Sales

The Flint Water Crisis brought the safety of our nation’s drinking water into the spotlight. Flint continues to work to make its water safe for drinking, but safe drinking has long been a problem, especially in schools. According to a recent article in the Washington Post, “school systems throughout the country have wrestled with lead in water for decades, in part because of the intractable problem of lead-bearing fixtures and pipes in aging buildings. In addition, the overwhelming majority of schools face no state or federal laws that require testing, and crimped budgets and understaffed districts mean water testing seldom rises to a top priority.”

Some school districts are taking proactive measures and installing filters on all drinking-water sources. Unfortunately that’s not an option for many cash-strapped school districts. However, many schools, especially colleges and universities, are taking matters into their own hands. Environmentally-minded student groups are leading the charge not only to provide safe drinking water but also to eliminate disposable water bottles on campus. Earlier this year, the Environmental Club at New Trier High School in Illinois distributed over 4,000 Nalgene water bottles to staff, faculty, and students. Schools like New Trier want students to fill their reusable water bottles at campus bottle filling stations.

Many water providers and insurance companies offer grants to help schools and other community organizations purchase a water refill station. Annually, Portland Water District in Oregon will award up to two water bottle filling stations to non-profits and businesses within the service territory. As part of its Rethink Your Drink campaign, the Delta Dental Foundation of Michigan awarded thousands of dollars in grants to replace existing drinking fountains at a 23 schools in Michigan in 2017.

Costs vary depending on the brand and model of the refill station, but stations typically cost $1,000-$3,000, not including installation. If a water refill station is not in your organization’s budget, consider having a fundraiser to cover the costs. A great way to promote your eco-friendly mission for a water refill station is through reusable water bottle sales. Nalgene water bottles are popular because of their name recognition. They are also made in the USA, BPA free and recyclable.

Many water refill stations have counters that track how many plastic water bottles have been avoided which makes it easy to track the success of your program or report back to the grant provider.

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