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Reusable Bags and Increasing Your ROI: How to Select the Best Sustainable Eco-Friendly Solution to Combat Waste and Increase ROI

How do you know a branded reusable bag is going to be used? What criteria did you use to evaluate buying decisions? Was it cost, style, materials, brand, etc.? Why are you giving out that bag, who is going to use it, and how will it be used? Will it solve a problem? Selecting the right bag for the right audience is an important way to create less waste and get the biggest return on investment (ROI).   

Reusable bags are simple yet powerful promotional products with many branding advantages. They can be reused repeatedly, increase brand visibility, and promote sustainability. Reusable bags also serve as eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic bags. Single-use bags are not a resourceful marketing tool because they are disposable, pollute ecosystems, and pose public health hazards. And since branded reusable bags fit seamlessly in any recipient's way of life, brands can gain impressions with every use. 

Reusable bags from Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP) help libraries, universities, non-profit organizations, public works departments, etc., promote their messaging effectively while reflecting their sustainable values. Government agencies and forest preserves have success sharing the benefits of making more environmentally friendly choices when they use promotional products with sustainable advantages like reusable branded bags. They also inspire more responsible business practices by eliminating unnecessary plastics and offering eco-friendly alternatives. 

Here are a few eco-friendly, high-quality bags from EPP that will leave lasting impressions and help in the fight against plastic pollution: 

Cotton Brunch Totes are excellent promotional items for libraries and schools. They can be used as product giveaways for book clubs, reading programs, and educational workshops. Bunch totes are made with 100% cotton, a long-lasting and durable material. Brands can choose multiple imprint options and handle colors in the customization process. The dimensions of the brunch totes make them practical for a wide range of uses. Users will find themselves using these bags repeatedly at grocery stores, farmers markets, barbeques, and other gatherings. They are affordable for those on a budget and also meet goals of going plastic-free. 

Colleges and universities can use branded reusable bags to promote campaigns to reduce plastic waste or encourage responsible consumption on campus. EPP’s Recycled Foldaway Tote Bags can be introduced to school stores, conventions, and dining halls, inspiring students to adopt more environmentally conscious lifestyles. These bags can also help students move in and out of campus housing since they hold up to 30 pounds. Tote bags are made from 60% recycled post-consumer water bottles, have a sewn-in pouch with a rope closure, and can be easily folded away in backpacks and other tote bags. Schools can add their mascots, logos, and custom messaging highlighting their zero-waste commitments.  

Promoting waste-free lunches is a great way to spread environmental and brand awareness. EPP has Reusable Insulated Lunch Bags for corporate offices, health providers, commuters, and non-profit organizations looking to promote waste-free environments. Branded lunch totes are great gifts for employees who pack their meals daily, summer camp attendees, and volunteers. They are made from 10% recycled content and are designed to keep food cold or hot for hours. The totes are also FDA Approved and Prop. 65 Compliant.  

Washable Kraft Paper Tote Bags are tangible products for organizations to highlight their dedication to the environment. This earth-friendly branded bag is made of heavy-weight kraft paper with natural canvas handles. When giving away these tote bags, farmer market vendors, forest preserves, and health providers can achieve their waste reduction targets and encourage users to reject single-use plastic bags wherever they go. When recipients use washable kraft paper tote bags, they will be walking billboards for the brand. With every sale, a portion of proceeds is donated to The Ocean Clean Up. The Ocean Clean Up is an environmental non-profit organization working to eliminate plastic pollution from the world’s waterways.   

Reusable branded bags can elevate any brand strategy to fully embrace sustainability if done right. Make sure you know your audience and provide a reusable bag to be used over and over again. Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP) offers a wide selection of reusable bags for businesses and organizations that want to protect the planet and increase their conscious brand identity. Some of these are included in EPP’s Waste Free 2023 Special. To learn more about EPP’s Waste Free 2023 Special, call 877-ECO-WINS (877-326-9467).