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Reusable Shopping Bags: The Promotional Product that Never Goes Out of Style

While shopping bags are primarily functional, they also have tremendous branding potential for retailers. Who can forget the iconic scene in “Pretty Woman” where Julia Roberts is walking down Rodeo Drive with her shopping bags? Retailers Tiffany & Co., Bloomingdale’s and Lululemon are three brands that have uniquely branded bags that are instantly recognizable. 

Shopping and grocery bags have a rich history. In the 1950s, as paper shopping bags became more affordable to produce, grocers began offering them free of charge to customers.  In 1965 a Swedish company patented the “T-shirt” style plastic bag and by the 1980s, these low cost bags were found in grocery stores across the country. At the end of the century, environmentalists began looking at the effects of plastic bags on the environment. Researchers exposed the negative environmental impact of producing these bags and the harm they can do to wildlife and plumbing when discarded. These discoveries led to an international movement of plastic bag bans. 21st century plastic bag bans have led to the surge of reusable shopping bags.

Customers are our valued partners and we work hand in hand with them to create memorable promotional campaigns that have a high return on investment. Many customers come to us saying reusable shopping bags are overdone and they want something fresh. We are here to tell you that reusable shopping bags will never go out of style.  Reusable shopping bags are used so frequently that impressions are higher than most other promotional products, leading to a continued high return on investment.

Eco Promotional Products offers a full line of eco bags. These include promotional bags, personalized tote bags, personalized bags, custom shopping bags, reusable shopping bags, insulated lunch bags, trade show bags and more.  The main advantage of using any reusable bag is that plastic bags are kept out of landfills. Reusable personalized bags have many other earth friendly attributes including recycled, recyclable, American Made and/or biodegradable. Choose from a variety of earth-friendly and sustainable materials such as cotton, jute and non-woven polypropylene. 

Reusable bags are affordable promotional products that are easy to keep in inventory as bags don’t take up much space.  They can also be re-ordered quickly and easily. Keep plastic bags out of landfills and use reusable grocery bags. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.