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Seeded Promotional Products for Keep America Beautiful Month Events

Since 1953, Keep America Beautiful has been working to help end littering in America, increase recycling in America and beautify America's communities.

Organized community events often include cleaning up litter at parks and green spaces and planting trees, flowers, bulbs and more to beautify landscapes.

Every year Keep America Beautiful organizes the Great American Cleanup. The 2016 theme is “CLEAN YOUR BLOCK PARTY” encouraging participants to take what they’ve learned at past Keep America Beautiful events and localize it to their own neighborhoods.

Ideas for cleaning up a block can include picking up trash, planting perennials near your neighborhood entrance signs or planting trees along the parkways. If there is a neighborhood park, make a commitment as neighbors to clean up and beautify that park. Mobilize volunteers and get people involved by spreading the word to neighbors by going door to door, via social media or through a community focused app like Nextdoor.

While grassroots community events are typically funded by donations, larger municipalities, school, parks and recreation or conservation group sponsored events should consider eco-friendly promotional products to promote Keep America Beautiful events.

Seed paper promotional products are an ideal eco giveaway for Keep America Beautiful events. Eco Promotional Products offers a wide variety of eco-friendly promotional products made from seed paper. Seeded bookmarks are great for all ages, but kids will especially love the new and exclusive Eco Promotional Products Color - Then Plant™ bookmarks. These recycled bookmarks have an environmental message that recipients can color to create their own unique design. Recipients will also be able to remove the seed paper, soak it in water then plant and grow wildflowers, herbs or vegetables.

Live Tree Seedlings are perfect eco-friendly giveaways during Keep America Beautiful Month. An organization can give a tree that will last more than 200 years, helping to enrich our environment. Evergreen trees can grow up to 150 feet tall and reduce the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  A single tree can convert harmful pollutants into 600 pounds of clean oxygen, the amount a family of four breathes each year. 

Custom seed packets also encourage planting to make America more beautiful. USA made, full color promotional seed packets are available with a variety of beautiful, easy to grow flower perennials such as Forget-Me-Nots and Shasta Daisies. Or choose the bee mix blend which will grow into beautiful flowers that will help save the bees that are vital to the health of our eco system.