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Sustainable B Corp Gift Ideas for Businesses That Want to Support People and the Planet 

Explore responsible branding with Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP), where we celebrate companies that go beyond business as usual and fully embrace environmentally and socially responsible business practices. Since 2016, EPP has proudly held accreditation from B Lab U.S. & Canada and stands with certified B Corporations in their pursuit toward a more sustainable and inclusive economy.  

We share love for B Corps and their unwavering commitment to a stronger future for employees, communities, customers, and the environment. EPP offers a thoughtful collection of sustainable promotional products from fellow certified B Corps, giving businesses and organizations opportunities to align their values with their actions. They can also double their impact by supporting two B Corporations that give back to meaningful causes with every purchase. 

Why Choose Promotional Gifts from B Corps? 

B Corporations are dedicated to sustainability, transparency, and ethical practices. When purchasing customizable products from B Corps, informational technology (IT) firms, marketing agencies, renewable energy companies, and other conscious organizations contribute to the B Corp movement, prioritizing people and the planet over profit. Give away promotional products from B Corp products during holiday mixers, end-of-the-year celebrations, and award ceremonies to: 

  • Drive positive change through sustainable marketing. 

  • Make lasting impressions on employees and clients. 

  • Elevate corporate gifting efforts during the holidays and beyond. 

Best Branded Products from B Corps for Holiday Gifting 

The following are amazing customizable gifts from B Corporations available on EPP’s website. Each item has positive impact points for people and the planet: 

  • Sustainable Holiday-Themed Planting Kits are crafted with eco-consciousness in mind. USA-made planting kits include a biodegradable pot and tray and other accessories making it easier than ever for recipients to grow wildflowers. Choose from EPP’s custom stock holiday art designs to stay festive. With every kit, give the gift of greenery and a healthier planet for all. 

  • Made from durable and machine washable recycled fabric, rePETe Chicobags make excellent holiday gifts. These recycled bags are fully customizable and can include up to three striped colors to go along with brand colors. They are certified Climate Neutral, hold up to twenty-five pounds, and are a part of a giveback program where 1% of annual sales support environmental charities. Reusable bags will have lasting impacts after the holidays. They can be reused daily to reduce waste and encourage greener habits.  

  • USA Made Personal Care Kits come with a gel hand sanitizer, an aloe-based lotion, and an SPF 15 lip balm, popular gifts to promote sustainable self-care practices. They are made in an FDA-registered factory and are petroleum-free and Prop. 65 compliant. Every eco-friendly personal care kit sold, 1% of sales is donated toward Heifer International’s efforts to fight food insecurity in vulnerable communities. Conscious, feel-good purchases like these make a powerful difference for beekeepers looking to support global bee populations and local farmers.  

  • MiiR® Vacuum Insulated Wine Tumbler Gift Sets are perfect for holiday mixers, celebrations, and end-of-the-year celebrations. Reusable drinkware helps organizations seeking to lower their carbon footprint and eliminate the need for plastic items in the workplace. With each sale, a portion of the proceeds goes toward 1% for the Planet and other environmental causes supported by MiiR®, a certified B Corp that prioritizes giving back for a more equitable world. 

  • Elevate holiday tech gifting with Wireless Charging Stands made from recycled materials. Wireless charging stands are ideal for office employees, remote workers, and anyone who has a mobile device. Responsible tech gifts made with certified recycled materials offer fast and efficient charging experiences, reduce electronic waste, and support a circular economy. Plus, a portion of the proceeds goes toward 1% for the Planet and its campaign to protect the world’s ecosystems. Keep everyone connected to eco-conscious brand values this season. 

Certified B Corps champion ethical production, waste reduction, social justice advocacy, and other eco-conscious practices. Imprinting brand logos and messaging on promotional products from B Corporations makes an impactful statement. Join trailblazers in environmental and social responsibility efforts and support exceptional companies.  

Call 877-ECO-WINS (877-326-9467) to place an order today and be a part of the B Corp movement.