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Sustainable Promos for Earth Day and a Greener Future: Reusable Straws and Utensils

At Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP) we believe small changes lead to greater impacts. Organizations of all sizes can embrace sustainability by sharing their success stories. Are you ready to expand your brand’s reach while curbing environmental impacts and promoting social sustainability?

Reusable utensil and straw sets and other alternatives made with conscious materials like stainless steel, bamboo, and plant fibers are essential items to join the fight against plastic waste, connect with audiences, and inspire a culture of conscious consumption. Unlike single-use plastic straws and cutlery, stainless steel sets and other eco-conscious options are easy to clean, come with convenient travel pouches or cases, and are practical for daily use. It is estimated that 40 million plastic forks, spoons, and knives are used and thrown away each year, while the average person uses 1.6 straws a day.

These are the ideal eco-friendly promo products to show how your brand is dedicated to sustainability and reducing plastic waste every day of the year. Sustainable straw and utensil sets are popular giveaways during Earth Day celebrations, employee engagement events, conferences & expos, and community outreach projects.

Beat plastic pollution and enjoy the benefits of having reusable utensils and straw sets be a part of your next event. Find more eco-friendly promotional products to make a positive impact for Earth Day and beyond here.