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Sustainable Winter Fashion for 2021-2022

Temperatures are dropping and snow has already fallen in some parts of the U.S. Whether you are looking at winter apparel items as gifts or need winter branded apparel for employees who spend a lot of time outdoors, Eco Promotional Products has a wide variety of apparel items for cold temps. In addition to the functionality of winter apparel items, it’s also important to consider style and sustainability. Organizations should think about which items will actually get worn to maximize branding. An ill-fitted jacket or itchy hat will sit in a closet versus quality and comfortable products that will get worn often.

Everyone knows the trouble of going from freezing in the winter cold to sweating in the indoor heat when removing all of your layers after a long day in the cold. If you want to bundle up without the bulky clothing, lightweight options like our Adidas Recycled Jacket can give you all the warmth without any of the discomfort. This jacket is made from recycled polyester, so you can still choose your favorite name brands and say yes to a sustainable closet. Adidas is shifting to 100% recycled polyester in their products by 2024 and maintains both eco-friendly and ethical practices. Our recycled clothing comes in all shapes and sizes, with a Unisex Pullover Hoodie perfect for remote employees.

For team members out in the field, our wide variety of The North Face® clothing is guaranteed to be a hit. From Insulated Jackets to help you bear the below zeros, to Recycled Vests, The North Face is a brand people want to wear. The company’s patented WindWall™ technologies are made from recycled polyester with a durable water repellent (DWR) lining for the ultimate amount of comfort and cold repellent. The North Face® patents these technologies specifically to replicate the quality of traditional winter clothing with a sustainable alternative. Vests have made a comeback in fashion this season, and they don’t plan on going anywhere. Why not invest in the right apparel to keep you warm all season long?

By far, the most popular cold weather eco apparel products sold at Eco Promotional Products are our embroidered beanies. Beanies are one size fits most, taking all the guesswork out of sizing. Beanies are a great gift but also a good wearable for employees who have to brave cold temperatures. Our collection of Embroidered Recycled Beanies are made from 60/40 recycled polyester/acrylic and meet the Global Sustainable Recycled Standard. Minimalistic beanies have dominated the fashion industry this year, so why not join in on the look with an eco-friendly twist?