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Tips and Products to Help Avoid Germs at the Office

As we start to reopen our economy, it’s time for employers and employees to prepare for the new normal of office life. Employers are being asked to continue social distancing in the workplace. Employees’ work stations will need to be six feet apart. If not possible, employers may need to implement staggered schedules where some employees come into the office and the rest works remotely. There will be less mingling at the water cooler and fewer team lunches in the breakroom. More people will be eating at their desks or outside alone. In high rise office buildings, building management will have to rethink elevators and how people will get to their offices on top floors.

Following are 10 ways to encourage employees to stay safe upon their return to the office, while also being sustainable.

  1. Wear a reusable mask. The CDC is recommending that everyone wear a mask especially when you are unable to social distance. This is most important when taking public transportation or riding elevators. To minimize your impact on the environment and avoid having to wash daily, buy multiple reusable masks to use throughout the week. Make sure you have clean hands when touching your reusable mask and wash your hands frequently throughout the day.
  2. Bike to work. This is especially key in urban areas where the alternative would be taking crowded public transportation or pushing buttons in a parking garage. It also reduces an individual’s carbon footprint.
  3. Think before you touch. To avoid opening doors, pushing elevator buttons, touching key pads, pushing open trash bins, bring your own Germ-Free Key.
  4. Keep sanitizer at your desk. While hand sanitizer is hard to find right now, keep a bottle at your desk and refill instead of buying new when it runs out.
  5. Brew your coffee at home. Office coffee can be tempting especially when it’s free and comes from fancy coffee machines. Think about how many people touch the office machine and how infrequently it’s properly sanitized. Invest in a reusable, insulated travel tumbler and bring your coffee from home. You’ll safe money and help the environment.
  6. BYOB. Bring your own water bottle and the bigger the better. Like coffee machines, water cooler dispenser handles are touched frequently. Fill your water bottle at home to avoid the office water cooler unless it is touch free.
  7. Invest in a personal, portable, reusable cutlery set. By bringing your own utensils, you won’t have to touch the communal stash in the lunchroom.
  8. Pack your lunch. Bring your lunch in an insulated lunch bag to avoid using the office refrigerator. Pack salads, sandwiches and fruit in reusable, washable containers to avoid the microwave.
  9. Keep track of your pens. Pick a pen and make it your own, preferably one that is anti-microbial. Keep it by your side for signing documents or signing for deliveries.
  10. Sanitize cell phones. There are a number of great products on the market to clean cell phones which can be dirtier than a public restroom. PhoneSoap® uses powerful UV-C light that is safe for electronics while killing 99.99%† of germs.