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Tips for Having an Eco-Conscious Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a few days away. With planning already in full swing, we encourage everyone to make simple changes to save money, time, and resources for the holiday. 

Here are several tips for having an eco-conscious Thanksgiving holiday from Eco Promotional Products, Inc, (EPP): 

Eliminate Food Waste. This Thanksgiving, take a stand against food waste. Each year, American families of four lose $1,500 to uneaten food which equates to about 1,160 pounds of food. Food scraps end up in landfills, contaminating ecosystems and emitting greenhouse gases. Prepare appropriately for the number of guests attending. If there are leftovers, send food home with guests in reusable containers and compost scraps. 

Eliminate Single-Use Plastic. Choose reusable products to reduce plastic and paper waste. Swapping single-use items for reusable alternatives helps limit household plastic consumption.  

Eco Promotional Products, Inc. offers reusable food storage containers made with glass and silicone. These are a great alternative to plastic containers because they can be reused for holiday events and daily use. Many plastic food containers are made for single-use and release toxic compounds harmful to human health when reused and reheated. The same holds true for plastic zip-sealed food storage bags. We have reusable zippered food storage bags of different sizes. These can be used for cooking and packing leftovers without using plastic.   

Recycle. For large crowds, designate a recycling bin for guests. This will keep aluminum cans, juice boxes, wine and beer glass bottles, and plastic bottles out of the garbage.  

Give a Sustainable Gift. It is a common tradition to give thanks to the host or hostess with a thoughtful gift. EPP has impressionable gifts with a sustainable impact. Thank the chef with our 100% Custom Recycled Pocket Apron. Every recycled apron keeps 11 plastic bottles out of landfills. It also has adjustable straps with deep pockets to store all cooking tools. Cutting boards made from highly rapidly renewable bamboo make great presents for dinner hosts as well. These durable boards can be used for food displays and prep. Personalize the gift with a custom imprint of their name or the theme of the event.  

Do not use disposable gift wraps if you want to give a bottle of wine or two. Instead, choose reusable bags with bottle interiors to safely transport wine bottles. They also double down as a gift and promote waste-free habits. 

Volunteer or Get Outside. Give back this Thanksgiving and help the less fortunate in your community. Donate time or resources to local food banks or soup kitchens. Volunteers are also needed at parades, Turkey Trots, and other themed events.  

Outdoor retailer REI leads an effort with the hash tag #OptOutside, encouraging people to skip Black Friday shopping and enjoy time outdoors instead. Some fun-filled outdoor activities include local cleanups, wildlife tours, and spending the day in a park with family and friends.  

Eco Promotional Products wishes everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the day with friends and family just as we will.