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Top 10 Eco-friendly, USA-made Promotional Products Under $1 Each

Low-cost promotional products are essential items for school stores, libraries, municipal departments, park districts, and other organizations looking to gain brand awareness. Cheap giveaways like stress balls are rarely or never used and contribute to landfill waste.

Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP) prioritizes environmental protection and waste reduction. EPP understands budgets affect purchasing decisions and there is a demand to support American manufacturing. That’s why EPP offers a wide selection of USA-made, sustainable promotional products, with options under $1 each.

By choosing promotional products that are practical and reusable, organizations can maximize brand exposure and minimize environmental impacts without sacrificing quality. Here are the top USA-made, eco-friendly, low-cost promotional products:

1. Recycled Bike Bottle: High-quality 20 oz bike bottles are USA-made and feature a push-pull cap. Made from recycled materials, these bottles are eco-friendly choices encouraging hydration while reducing plastic waste. They can be used as a product giveaway for fitness events like triathlons, bike races, camping retreats, and other outdoor activities.

2. Personalized Vegetable Herb Seed Packets: USA-made seed packets are made from recycled materials. Municipalities can promote their logo while allowing recipients to grow their own herbs and vegetables, promoting sustainability and healthy living. Perfect for community garden projects, summer reading programs, and children's events.

3. Food and Pet Can Lids: Made in the USA, these high-quality lids help keep canned food fresh while reducing the need for single-use plastic wraps or containers. They are a practical and eco-friendly giveaway for pet companies, veterinarians, and food pantries.

4. Custom Bag Chip Clips: Made from recycled materials and proudly manufactured in the USA, bag clips keep snacks fresh and seal bags to prevent food waste. This useful promotional product is ideal for all industries.

5. Lip Balms SPF 30: USA-made lip balms offer sun protection while moisturizing lips. Lip balm is made from natural ingredients, ensuring both skincare and environmental consciousness. A simple eco-friendly promo for wellness events and tradeshows.

6. 100% Recycled Rainbow Newspaper Custom-Imprinted Pencils: These pencils are made from recycled newspapers, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional pencils. Eco pencils feature custom imprints and vibrant rainbow colors, making them unique and sustainable promotional items.

7. Custom Recycled Keychains: Made from recycled tires and manufactured in the USA, keychains are both durable and environmentally friendly. Brands can build awareness for recycling and other sustainable practices at a low cost.

8. Custom Plantable Bookmarks: Plantable, seeded bookmarks are made in the USA and provide a fun and interactive way to promote sustainability. Recipients can plant the bookmark and watch it grow into beautiful flowers or herbs. This is a memorable promotional item for libraries, non-profit organizations, and conservation groups.

9. Wooden Rulers: Rulers are crafted from sustainably sourced wood, making them an eco-friendly choice for measuring and promoting a brand. Rulers are an ideal giveaway for schools, real estate offices, and construction companies.

10. Recycled Jar Openers: jar openers come in multiple shapes made from recycled tires. They are an excellent addition to any kitchen and last a lifetime. Consider giving these away at cooking demonstrations, farmers markets, and other food-related events.

It is possible to make a positive environmental and branding impact, even on a budget. Choose from the top 10 eco-friendly, low-cost promotional products to draw marketing success, reduce waste, and take climate action. Call 877-ECO-WINS for more budget-friendly promotional product recommendations.