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Top 10 Promotional Products for Female-Focused Events

Eco Promotional Products is a woman-owned company, certified by the Women's Business Enterprise Network Council. As a woman-owned business we love partnering with other woman-owned businesses and events promoting female empowerment. Whether you are hosting an event for an association of females, a women’s race or one for female students, we have many eco-friendly promotional products with a feminine flair.

Following are the top 10 promotional products for women-centered events:

  1. Women’s apparel: One thing we hear time and time again from women is that when it comes to promotional apparel, they prefer a women’s fit versus a unisex fit. When planning a women-centered event, choose eco-friendly apparel made for women, such as t-shirts, tank tops, polos, and outerwear.
  2. Headbands and hair ties: Choose high-end headbands made with eco-jersey fabric for softness and fit or more budget-friendly traditional elastic headbands and hair ties, which are great for race or walk swag bags.
  3. Bags with feminine touches: When looking for bags for gender neutral events, organizers will frequently tell us they don’t want a bag that is “too feminine.” When catering to a female oriented event, choose a bag with feminine flare. Bags with rope handles, colorful accents/patterns, foldaway bags, and cosmetic bags are all geared towards women and continue to have great usefulness long after the event is over.
  4. Nail file: While appropriate for anyone, women generally use nail files more than men. USA made custom logoed emery board nail files are a long-lasting promotional product.
  5. Lunch containers: Women tend to dine out less at work than their male counterparts. Women will appreciate a new reusable lunch container for packing their lunch for work.
  6. Adult coloring books: Also appropriate for any gender, many adult coloring book designs are more feminine. Specific breast cancer awareness themed coloring books are a great giveaway in October.
  7. EOS™ lip balms: EOS™, a retail brand, is one of the most recognizable lip balm brands on the market and one very recognizable by women. Add your logo to a lip balm or EOS lotion.
  8. Plantables: Anyone with or without a green thumb will appreciate a gift that can be grown into flowers, herbs or vegetables.
  9. Essential oil products: Recipients will love Eco Promotional Products’ line of USA Made essential oil products. Also, choose from custom soap, bath salts, bath bombs, room sprays, and more.
  10. Candles: Scented candles come in a variety of scents and price points. Recipients can use them in a hotel room at a conference or take them with them to use at home.


With any event, you should always consider your audience. Eco Promotional Products is happy to help you choose the best products for the demographics of your event.