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Top 10 Promotional Products for Water Conservation Programs

Fresh, clean water is a limited resource. Water conservation efforts not only help our world’s water supply but even the smallest conservation efforts can help people save money. Water agencies and local municipalities can promote water conservation programs with education and water saving promotional products. 

Following are the top 10 best eco-friendly, branding and message perpetuating, promotional products for water conservation programs:

1. Toilet Leak Detection Tablets: A toilet leak can waste up to 200 gallons a day and run up a home’s water bill. Leak detection tablets detect leaks in large or small toilets. Tablets are attached to a small pamphlet customized with information about water conservation.

2. Shower Timers: The average American’s shower lasts 8 minutes and uses 2.2 gallons per minute. A promotional 5-minute shower timer can help save more than four gallons of water during every shower.

3. Dish Squeegees: Running water continuously to pre-rinse dishes prior to dishwasher use consumes extra water and the energy used to heat water. Squeegee away the mess without wasting water and energy.

4. Sponges: Another way to promote water conservation in the kitchen is with sponges. Put your water conservation message on a sponge so recipients remember to turn the water off when scrubbing.

5. Activity Books: Kids often don’t realize how much water is wasted during showers, hand washing and brushing teeth. Custom activity books about water conservation can teach kids easy ways to conserve water.

6. Education Wheels: Another educational tool for people of all ages, water conservation wheels contain valuable every day water conservation procedures that can be practiced at home.

7. Water Conserving Garden Hose Nozzles: Water wisely with seven water saving spray settings enabling more water efficiency, with less water waste.

8. Rain Gauges: Outdoor watering can be a huge unnecessary waste of water. Rain gauges help avoid over watering by monitoring just how much water a lawn needs.

9. Moisture Meters: Like rain gauges, plant moisture meters can help avoid overwatering plants which can hinder growth and even cause plants to die. Moisture meters can be used indoors or out.

10. Magnets: Eco Promotional Products offers an exclusive water conservation magnet. The XXL recycled business card magnet features 10 tips for conserving water and is made in the USA with an energy efficient, environmentally friendly production process and is non-toxic. This magnet can go on a refrigerator, dishwasher or washing machine reminding people to conserve water.

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