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Top 10 Sustainable Conference and Tradeshow Giveaways 2023

Make long-lasting impressions at your tradeshow exhibit. Giving sustainable branded promotional items will set your brand apart and potential customers will keep your company at the top of their minds long after the event ends.  

Following are 10 popular promotional products for tradeshow and conference giveaways that are made to last: 

  • Drinkware: Reusable water bottles and tumblers are convenient and purposeful items for attendees during long event days. Over the years, our clients have had more success offering high-quality drinkware items made of stainless steel over budget water bottles at their booths.  

  • Bags: Stand out with a durable, foldable bag. They offer a solution to attendees whose hands are full. Promotional bags are a giveaway everyone can use, encouraging more attendees to visit your exhibit. Plus, durable and foldable bags can be used repeatedly.  

  • Lip Balms: Networking and dry indoor air can lead to dry lips. Our organic lip balms with SPF protection are budget-friendly, starting at just over $1 each.  

  • High-Quality T-Shirts: Let the quality and material of your t-shirts speak for themselves. Choose a high-quality shirt made from organic cotton and recycled materials. When your customer wears your branded t-shirt, they help promote your brand wherever they go. 

  • Household Goods: Give away products people didn't realize they need until they came to your booth. Handy household items like our reusable pizza cutter, tape measurers, and flashlights spark a light bulb and will last for years in your customer’s home. 

  • Utensil Sets: Promote your commitment to sustainability. Reusable utensil sets made of bamboo and plant fibers offer subtle yet effective brand exposure with every use.  

  • Pens: Pens are a great low-cost giveaway and are essential for tradeshow events. Our eco-friendly pens made from recycled plastic or recycled cardboard are sleek and show your eco-friendly commitment. 

  • Portable Chargers: Custom branded mobile chargers are essential for long tradeshow days. Portable chargers can be used time and time again for personal travels, days at the office, and future events. 

  • Notebooks: Everyone has seen the typical notepads or journals. Consider giving away a notebook made with apple peels, bamboo, or plant fibers to separate your brand from what’s familiar. They offer a different feel, appearance, and environmental benefits customers may not be aware of.  

  • Seeded Items: Plantable bookmarks, seed packets, and planter kits are unique and eco-friendly. These are perfect for Earth-focused events or any brand looking to spark conversations about sustainability. 

It is important for giveaways to relate to your community. Eco Promotional Products, Inc. is here to help you choose the best products for your audience’s needs. Call 877-ECO-WINS to start planning for your next conference or tradeshow.