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Top Health and Wellness Promotional Products for 2020

Every year making healthy lifestyle changes and losing weight are among the top New Year’s resolutions. Health clubs frequently offer zero-joiner fees or promotional incentives to attract new members. Additionally, many companies launch fitness and weight loss challenges at the start of the new year. To keep participants motivated, invest in promotional products to support the program and reward participants. While many resolve to lose weight, better self-care is another popular resolution.

Following are the best eco-friendly health and wellness promotional products for 2020.

  • Reusable water bottles: The most popular promotional product for fitness and weight loss is a reusable water bottle. Studies have long shown that drinking more water can help with weight loss, especially when water replaces high calorie drinks. Water bottles come in a variety of price points to fit any budget. Water bottles larger than 20 ounces will need to be filled up less frequently when on the go and bottles with measurements help users keep track of their daily water intake.
  • Cooling recycled fitness towels: Keep cool and help the planet! Our eco-friendly fitness towel is made from 100% recycled PET, meaning it is made from recycled plastics such as water bottles. Reusable cooling towels are ideal for toweling off during a workout.
  • Travel food and snack containers: When armed with healthy foods, it’s easier to make healthy eating decisions on the go. Packing snacks and lunches helps with weight loss efforts while reducing waste at the same time. Salad shakers are a fun way to eat a salad on the go. Our three-piece salad set holds up to four cups of salad, has a separate dressing container and reusable fork. A collapsible silicone food container is light weight and collapses for easy travel and storage.
  • Yoga mats: Yoga is a terrific low-impact workout that builds strength and flexibility. Additionally, yoga does wonders for mental health. Recipients of custom branded yoga mats with a carrying strap and pouch will love not having to use communal mats at the fitness studio.
  • Fanny packs: Walking is one of easiest ways to lose weight and get healthy. It costs nothing and doesn’t require a gym membership. Experts advise walking 10,000 steps a day. Custom branded fanny packs are ideal for walking, using them for storing keys, cell phones, money and more. Most people don’t know how useful fanny packs are until they receive one, making them a frequently used promotional product.
  • All-natural lip balms: Dry winter air means chapped lips and dry skin. Custom lip balms are always well-received as it’s convenient to have multiple lip balms for home, office, car and don’t forget to put one in the fanny pack.
  • First aid kits: Promotional first aid kits are a useful item, people will appreciate. These compact kits are great for the car and can help minimize emergencies.
  • Bamboo toothbrushes: Good oral hygiene can prevent bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. However, toothbrushes are difficult to recycle. Custom bamboo toothbrushes are made with natural moso bamboo that's naturally grown, sustainably harvested, biodegradable (just remove the bristles) and naturally antimicrobial.

All of these eco-friendly promotional products are ideal giveaways to kickstart January resolutions but can be given any time of year, especially during the first quarter with American Heart Month in February and National Nutrition Month in March.