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Unique and Sustainable Alternative Promotions to Foam Stress Balls

How did foam “stress balls” go from stress relievers to environmental stressors? What were originally tools to promote strength, rehabilitation, mental and physical wellness, and sensory relief are unintentionally found to cause more harm than good and not being used for their intended purpose.  

Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP) wants consumers to choose more sustainable promotional products instead of novelty items disguised as tools to relieve physical and mental health. Our goal is to help bring awareness, education, and solutions to help people and the planet. 

Our new silicone hand relievers are a good start. Unlike foam stress balls that are destined for landfills, prioritize promotional appeal over stress-relieving function, and contribute to the global pollution crisis, scientific data shows that silicone hand relievers offer a more sustainable and user-friendly solution. Crafted from hypoallergenic and skin-safe materials, silicone rehabilitation tools address both environmental and social concerns. Silicone is used to create many eco-friendly product alternatives because of its durability, non-toxic properties, and recyclability in certain conditions. The use of silicone tension relievers showcases EPP’s meaningful steps toward responsible production and consumption that not only focuses on individual well-being but also the health of the environment. 

From college orientation gifts to corporate wellness programs, silicone sensory tools are versatile. Health centers use them to promote stress reduction. Serving as tangible reminders of work-life balance, companies with wellness or corporate social responsibility programs can give employees an eco-friendly gift for productivity and mental clarity. Advocate for mental health awareness and environmental stewardship with this conscious choice.  

More Sustainable Alternatives to Foam Stress Balls 

Informational technology (IT) and consulting firms, health agencies, higher education institutions, and other conscious organizations have used eco-responsible promotional products to share their commitments to mental and physical health. Here are more recommendations to improve safety and awareness without compromising environmental stewardship: 

Consider journals made from apple peels. Apple peel journals give people a conscious place to jot down all their thoughts and doodle away. EPP’s eco-friendly journals are durable, stylish, and embrace environmental and social responsibility. 

Plunge-action mood pens are fun and interactive writing instruments that are different from the rest and perfect for universities, conventions, and offices. Users can express their current mood by clicking the pen’s edge and changing the facial expression on the pens. These eco-friendly pens have a smooth writing experience, a 50% wheat straw blend, and are Prop. 65 Compliant. 

EPP has exclusive mental health awareness bookmarks offering tips and encouragement. Bookmarks feature a plantable seeded shape and are made in the USA. Choose from diverse wildflower blends to give a gift that gives back to the Earth. A simple and budget-friendly promotion, all brands need to do is provide their logo.  

For more sustainable promotional products that serve as wellness gifts and contribute positively to environmental and social well-being, click here