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Use Eco-friendly Promotional Products to Align with Company Green Office Initiatives

Creating a sustainable workplace is a significant step towards promoting a greener future. Businesses with green office initiatives have unique opportunities to spread environmental awareness, boost employee engagement, and nurture a healthy company culture. 

Conscious organizations integrate eco-friendly promotional products into their internal trainings, educational workshops, and team-building activities to reflect on the growing need for sustainable business practices.  

Explore how incorporating environmentally and socially responsible branded items can enhance corporate environmental impacts. 

Banks, technology companies, and schools often set targets to adopt zero-waste environments. Customizable pen, pencil, and marker upcycling recycle boxes help brands present a tangible reminder of their waste reduction goals. Branded upcycling recycle boxes can hold up to 800 writing utensils and accept metal and plastic pens, markers, highlighters, and pencils. Simply drop off the bin to UPS and TerraCycle will take care of the rest. These zero-waste recycling boxes can also spark interactive challenges for communities during Earth Day, Zero Waste Week, and Campus Sustainability Month. 


Cardboard recycling box


Upcycling Pen, Pencil & Marker Recycle Box


Workspaces are empowered to conserve energy with customizable advanced power strips. Energy companies, utilities, and local governments can use branded 7-outlet power strips as promotional giveaways during community events and tradeshows. Users will appreciate brands for their eco-consciousness and support for decreasing home electricity bills


Power strip


Energy Saving Advanced Power Strip


“Save Energy” removable decal stickers are fun and engaging tools for energy awareness. Remind employees to turn off lights, unplug devices, and minimize their carbon footprint at home or in the office. Customizable USA-made stickers are popular educational tools that attract all age groups to practice more environmentally friendly behaviors. 


Save energy decal sticker


Save Energy Removable Decal | USA Made | 1x4


Mini rechargeable desktop fans are another excellent addition to any eco-friendly office. These portable fans are packaged in recyclable FSC-certified boxes and include a micro USB cable. Reduce the need for energy-intensive air conditioning and offer rechargeable desktop fans as a practical solution


Rechargeable mini white desktop fan


Custom Rechargeable Mini Travel Desktop Fan


Advance corporate green office initiatives and make a difference today. Choose eco-friendly promotional products that reflect sustainable brand values and inspire employees to join the movement.  

Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP) offers a diverse range of green branded products for organizations seeking to champion sustainability and make more conscious purchases.  

Find more practical eco-friendly promotional items online or call 877-ECO-WINS (877-326-9467) to speak with a dedicated customer service representative.