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What Does it Mean to Preplan?

Preplanning is a big part of the order process. It is “business as usual” for Eco Promotional 
Products (EPP) to process rush orders. Some customers need products in months while others 
need products by the end of the week. We are able to process orders on tight deadlines, 
however, the time, resources and extra costs are unnecessary burdens on the customer and the 

Here are some tips for planning your orders ahead and realizing sustainability SAVINGS:

  • Avoid unnecessary fees: Rush fees, expedited shipping, minimum quantity fees and overnight air costs, to name a few. 
  • Avoid rush proofs: To avoid mistakes, EPP will always try to send a proof for approval. Usually this is not possible when orders need to be turned around in 24 hours. 
  • Always look at our minimum quantities: Avoid less than minimum fees by keeping in mind what the lowest quantities are. 

Preplanning conserves energy, avoids unnecessary anxiety, saves money and is generally better for the environment. 

For more smart and sustainable tips, please contact Eco Promotional Products, Inc. at 877.326.9467, email, or visit