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What Makes a Promotional Product Eco-Friendly?

As the only totally “green”, full line promotional products company in the Ad Specialties Industry (ASI), Eco Promotional Products is dedicated to sustainability, supplying environmentally responsible merchandise and respecting our natural resources. We help our customers project their brand and environmental goals while reducing landfill usage.

The environmental advantages of many EPP products are obvious. We have eco-friendly promotional products made from recycled, sustainable and biodegradable materials and many of our products can be recycled, composted or will biodegrade. We also offer products that promote energy conservation, protecting our natural resources.

Products made in the U.S. are also eco-friendly. U.S. manufacturers are heavily regulated and have to abide by strict regulations to minimize pollutants and protect the environment. Buying American made products reduces your carbon footprint by not having to pay for the fuel and energy needed to ship products from overseas.

Long-lasting, useful items can also be seen as eco-friendly. At Eco Promotional Products, we do not sell gimmicky promotional items like foam stress balls or foam fingers that have a short lifespan and will eventually end up in a landfill and never breakdown. 

What are some long-lasting promotional products?
Let’s look at bags, for example. We offer dozens of non-woven polypropylene bags. They are especially popular because of their low price point. Polypropylene bags can be recycled and many of these bags are made from recycled content. However, because several of these bags are about 80gsm in weight, when they are used frequently and with heavy capacities, they tend to show signs of wear and tear. Heavier weight polypropylene, such as 100gsm, will last quite a bit longer. The environmental advantages of these bags are obvious. It is our hope that these bags will be recycled at the end of their useful life but it is still rare for curbside recycling programs to accept polypropylene bags.

But what about the very popular rip-stop nylon foldaway and RuMe bags? These bags are not made from recycled content nor are they recyclable. However, they are extremely durable and made in socially responsible factories. We carry high quality, long-lasting products like these with the belief that they will be used for years, eliminating the need for replacement bags and the resources to produce them.

Other promotional products that are designed to last a lifetime are Coleman coolers, Maglite flashlights and Zippo Binoculars. When planning your next promotional campaign, consider the usefulness and lifespan of the products you are considering. A useful, well-made promotional product will give you many years of good service and not end up in the trash.