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Why Buy American Made Promotional Products?

Many customers come to Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP) to purchase American made products. EPP offers hundreds of eco-friendly promotional products made in the USA. While not all our products are made in the USA, we aim to offer as many American made options as we can in every product category.

The Reshoring Institute found 70% of the respondents said they prefer USA made products. Consumers recognize the advantages of supporting American businesses over foreign competitors. Example: since countries overseas have less stringent governmental regulations. the well-being of workers and environmental conditions are not considered as heavily as they are in the United States. Manufacturers in the United States must abide by EPA regulations and OSHA safety standards to remain in operation. USA factories are accountable for managing natural resources, increasing exposure to pollutants, and violating human rights., EPP is self-motivated to boost awareness regarding the benefits of American made items, reducing industrial carbon footprints, improving workplace environments, and boosting local economies to its customers. 

Why buy American made promotional products?

  • Buying American made products is good for the U.S. economy and creates job growth.
  • Products made in the USA are safer. With guidelines like Proposition 65 and compliance regulations such as CPSIA, you know you are buying safe promotional products.
  • American made manufacturers are heavily regulated and have to abide by strict regulations to minimize pollutants and protect the environment.
  • Recipients will notice and appreciate it. We advise many of our customers to add “Made in the USA” to their promotional products to highlight an organization’s commitment to buying American made products.
  • The majority of our USA made eco-friendly health and beauty promotional products are FDA approved and made in an FDA registered facility which means they have gone through extensive safety testing.
  • Buying American made products reduces your carbon footprint by not using the fuel and energy needed to ship products from overseas.


Consider putting your logo on the following USA made Eco Promotional Products, Inc. products:

  • Apparel: Organic Cotton Full-Zip Hoodie is made using less water, energy and pesticides, Choosing sustainable USA made certified organic cotton clothing helps reduce the use of resources and greenhouse gases.
  • Drinkware: Reusable Travel Auto Mug is BPA free, Prop 65 Compliant with double wall insulation. Reusable drinkware is helpful for any organization looking to reduce the use of single-use plastics on a budget.
  • Office and Desktop: Custom Recycled Ruler is useful any time of the year. Ruler is made from 95% home recycled polystyrene, Prop 65 Compliant and CPSIA Compliant making it safe for everyone. 
  • Outdoor and Leisure: Natural Bug Repellent Spray is DEET free and made from a 100% natural blend of oils with an active ingredient, Geraniol. It is two ounces so it supports travel needs and is ideal for outdoor events.
  • Awards and Recognition: Recycled Carafe & 12 oz Glass Gift Set makes the right impression for a holiday gift or work anniversary. It's made in the United States by a minority-owned company. It comes in a range of colors and is dishwasher safe.


For more assistance regarding pricing and product availability, please visit our website or contact 877-ECO-WINS.