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Why Buy USA Made – It’s Your Choice

By Eco Promotional Products, Inc

When making a purchase, the first consideration on a consumer’s mind is not, “Was this made in the USA?” The consumer’s first thoughts are usually, “how much does this cost,” “how long will this last,” or “is it worth this much?” These are all smart questions and their answers need to be addressed. However, they do not take into consideration the bigger picture. Where is my money going? Is it going into our economy or funding someone else’s? Am I supporting a sweat shop? In these rough economic times the American economy needs to be stimulated; that begins with being conscious of where your money is going. 

Purchasing American made products positively impacts our economy through job creation, which strengthens the backbone of our economy, the middle class, lowers the trade deficit and allows us to oversee the preservation of human rights and helps eliminate overseas “sweat shops”. When money is being recycled back into our economy, jobs grow. Corporations produce products overseas because it is cheaper to manufacture and allows for somewhat lower selling prices. By showing a preference for American made products companies will see this trend and react by bringing more manufacturing back to the USA. On the short term prices may be higher but the long term benefits of pumping more money into our economy through higher sale and higher tax revenues will greatly help to elevate the hard economic times we are currently experiencing. 

Products certified to be sold as USA made are easy to find. Eco Promotional Products, Inc. supports and encourages “Made in the USA”. It is just a click away to find USA Made eco promotional products. Visit and start shopping for branded USA made merchandise. For other USA made shopping resources visit:,, and These are just a few of the sites that will help consumers look for USA made products. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates the “Made in the USA” label. Any product made in the United States must have this label in order for it to be certified as USA made. Why not make your first purchasing question, “Is this made in the USA?”