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Why Ordering Early for the Holidays is Good for Business and the Environment

Who said it’s too early to start planning and ordering company appreciation gifts for the holidays? In fact, a study found that over 60% of consumers start shopping for the holidays before October. At Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP), we are passionate about educating consumers on the value of making more responsible purchases. By planning early, you will be able to stay on budget, get the products you want and minimize the social and environmental impacts associated with waiting until the last minute. Our team encourages businesses to place orders for corporate holiday gift-giving sooner than later.  

Ordering early goes beyond just saving money. There are also social and environmental benefits to planning for the holidays ahead of time. Here are four sustainable advantages to ordering employee and client appreciation gifts early with EPP: 

#1: Increased inventory 

Why choose from a smaller selection and settle for what’s left? Shopping early gives customers more choices, increasing the chances of finding the perfect corporate gift for the holidays. Reach out to our team for product recommendations if a specific gift is out of stock or color is discontinued. We are skilled in matching customers to the best sustainable promotional products that are long-lasting and align with brand values. 

#2: Timely delivery 

The holiday season is known for delays and unpredictable delivery dates. Set targets to order branded merchandise in time for holiday celebrations, award ceremonies, and corporate gatherings. We recommend ordering at least one month ahead to ensure all items arrive at an appropriate time.    

#3: Avoid Additional Fees 

Our goal is for customers to receive the products they love on time and at the most affordable price. Reduce the chance of paying additional fees for rush service or expedited shipping by ordering ahead of time. Create gift-giving lists and closely review ship-to addresses to ensure appreciation gifts get to the intended person without rerouting fees. These extra expenses can be costly based on the shipping location, the size of the order, and the imprint selections 

#4: Reduce Environmental Impacts 

Along with financial savings, promote environmental savings when ordering early for the holidays. Every mode of transportation comes with its environmental challenges and timing plays an important role. For example, though air freight is faster in comparison to truck deliveries and ocean travel, the carbon footprint of airplanes is approximately 20 to 30 times more. Place orders ahead of time to allow for ground shipping, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  

The holidays are busy enough. Don’t look at ordering corporate gifts as a chore. Spread cheer, boost engagement, and promote sustainability this holiday season with EPP’s sustainable promotional products. Call 877-ECO-WINS (877-326-9467) to stay ahead of the rush and learn about upcoming specials.