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Best Promotional Products for Farmers Markets

Outdoor farmers markets will soon be open for the season. Shopping farmers markets reduces your carbon footprint by shopping local. Your carbon footprint can be reduced even further by walking or riding your bike to the local event instead of using a car. Many products offered at farmers’ markets are also sustainable, organic or grown without, harmful to the environment, pesticides.

While produce is plentiful at farmers markets so, unfortunately, are plastic bags. However, there has been much progress over the past five years to ban plastic bags. Many farmers markets, especially those in cities with plastic bag bans, have eliminated plastic bags and created Zero Waste Markets

Sponsoring organizations and vendors have the opportunity to make their markets greener and generate revenue by offering reusable shopping bags for purchase. There are a variety of eco-friendly bags, in a range of price points, suitable for farmers markets.

A best-seller from Eco Promotional Products is the reusable drawstring mesh vegetable bag. This polyester micro-mesh drawstring bag has a center panel for imprinting and keeps content visible. Promotional cotton bags fit the natural, eco-friendly theme of farmers markets. The Enviro Sack bag is made of high quality, biodegradable, 7 oz 100% natural cotton with recycled content and rolls up for easy transport and storage. Another option is a 100% certified organic cotton urban farmers market bag made from cotton grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides

Some farmers markets sell products requiring refrigeration like fresh seafood, meat and dairy. Insulated tote bags are a must during the hot summer months. Eco Promotional Products offers large insulated cooler bags made from cotton or recycled non-woven polypropylene. These thermo totes can be used year round for trips to the grocery store or transporting hot or cold dishes to events.

For local vendors selling baked goods, olive oil and other homemade items, a great way to market your business, both in and out of season, is to give a small logoed gift with purchase. Eco Promotional Products' mini gift packs feature a 100%-recycled info card and a handmade plantable seed paper shape, packaged together in a corn-based cello bag. This is a durable, cost-effective and impactful green promotion. Seed paper food shapes include cupcakes, cheese, olives and more. Other options for shaped items representing your business are recycled tire jar openers that come in shapes like dog bones (homemade dog treats) and mason jars (canned items like pickles).

Make your farmers market a green one by eliminating plastic bags. Visitors will have no choice but to BYOB (bring your own bag).