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The Best Reusable Water Bottles for Summer Camps

School is almost out which means kids will soon be heading off to camp. Hydration is very important during the summer months. Camps encourage children to bring a reusable water bottle every day and many give personalized water bottles to all campers along with t-shirts. 

When it comes to kids water bottles, not all bottles are created equally. Organizations ordering water bottles for children need to be sure the bottles are safe for their use. Eco Promotional Products offers a wide range of eco-friendly promotional products including kid-friendly water bottles that are BPA Free, Prop 65 and CPSIA Compliant. CPSIA compliancy is an important attribute to consider with children’s products. But what does it mean exactly? Our eco-friendly promotional items that are CPSIA Compliant are safe for use for children under age 12 and have been tested and proven to not have harmful levels of lead and phthalates.

When choosing kids water bottles, keep in mind the size of the bottles. Backpacks can get very heavy. For younger kids, a smaller sized bottle is a good idea. An ideal size for elementary school children is between 10-20 ounces. Middle and high school students may prefer larger bottles, especially if they are participating in sports camps.

A challenge for giving out identical water bottles to dozens, if not hundreds, of campers who may misplace them, is identifying whose bottle is whose. A solution to this is to incorporate a place within the imprint area where campers can write their names. Eco Promotional Products’ 24 oz. squeeze sports water bottle is molded from 40% recycled LDPE and has a fill view stripe. The valve lid opens when you squeeze and reseals when you release for sanitary, hands-free hydration. Little campers and their parents will appreciate smaller sized bottle like a USA made 9 oz. BPA free sports bottle which is made from recycled plastic.

While reusable plastic water bottles are the most budget-friendly options for camp, stainless is also an option. Stainless steel is a "clean" product and in many places recyclable. We recommend a 17 oz. bottle that features a wide mouth opening and a leak-proof screw-down lid with mini metal carabiner attached. While one may not want to incorporate a place to write a name on stainless, people have opted to write names on the bottoms of the bottles in permanent marker. Some parents prefer dishwasher safe reusable plastic water bottles over the stainless bottles that need to be hand washed.

Make your camp eco-friendly this year and reduce waste by giving campers a reusable water bottle to use all summer long.