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Code of Conduct for Suppliers & Partners

Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP) is THE safe place for environmentally and socially responsible promotional products! 
We have the highest respect for human rights, and we work diligently to protect and respect workers’ rights. We do not purchase from or conduct business with any company that would participate in any forced or compulsory labor or supports child labor based on local country laws. Further, we will not tolerate any form of discrimination with respect to employment. We partner with organizations around the world requiring: 

  • The payment of normal and overtime wages allowed by the manufacturer’s country of origin. 
  • No use of child labor (under the age of 15) in any stage of manufacturing or process. 
  • Workers must be entitled to sick days without repercussion. Dismissal for pregnancy will not be tolerated. 
  • Employers must provide a safe and healthy working environment. 
  • There must not be any physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse. Employees must be treated with dignity and respect. 
  • No discrimination will be tolerated in hiring and employment practices including hiring, wages, benefits, advancements, retirement or termination based on race, religion, age, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, disability or social origin. 
  • Employees have the rights to organize, associate and bargain in a lawful and peaceful manner. 
  • There is zero tolerance to corrupt practices such as bribery, threats or intimidation. 
  • The legal minimum wages required by local law should be just that, a minimum, and not a stagnant level. 
  • All subcontractors supporting suppliers and our business must comply with applicable local and international laws. Direct suppliers are responsible to monitor subcontractors to make sure they meet and exceed EPP’s Code of Conduct. 

Should we learn otherwise on any of these issues and more our association with any violating company will be immediately terminated with notification of “why”. Where local laws conflict or set a different standard of protection to the international standards, the supplier shall abide by the principles that provide the highest protection to the worker(s) and environment. To report abuse, please email 

Please see Vendor Declaration Form inspired by the United Nations Global Compact. EPP is a member of the Fair Labor Association and a certified B Corporation. 

Supplier Diversity Program 
Eco Promotional Products, Inc. achieves high performance by developing, expanding and nurturing our business relationships. We strive to drive business towards woman-owned, minority-owned and other culturally diverse businesses. Through our environmental and social stewardship, we look for the right people and partners to best meet our needs and perpetuate our mission. 

Whenever possible we work to grow local relationships as well as global relationships. By increasing our diverse suppliers and partners, we build a broader insight into sustainability – defined by people, planet and profit. 

While our tracking system is not sophisticated, we do keep a growing list of diverse partners. Our suppliers must be at least 51 percent owned and managed by woman, ethnic minority, veteran or LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender). 

Eco Promotional Products, Inc. is a certified woman-owned company and a certified woman-owned small business through WBENC & WOSB. 

We have based our Code of Conduct based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, UN Global Compact and the Fair Labor Association. The Code is voluntary, however, inspections, audits can be requested as a shared cost opportunity. As many of us are not familiar with all of the International Labor Standards, please consult: for more information. For environmental laws and regulations.