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Top 15 Eco-Friendly Promotional Products for National Library Week, Summer Reading Programs, and More for 2024

Celebrate National Library Week and inspire a love for reading with our curated selection of eco-friendly library promotional items. Perfect for summer reading programs and other literary events, these items are designed to promote sustainability while engaging your community. 

Whether you're a librarian, event organizer, or literacy advocate, these sustainable promotional products will help make your programs memorable and environmentally responsible. They’re perfect for libraries, schools, and organizations that work with kids.

Let's dive into our top promotional items for library week and summer reading programs that combine functionality, creativity, and a commitment to the planet.


1. Eco-Friendly Coloring Bookmark 

Coloring bookmarks offer a unique and engaging way to enhance reading programs by allowing participants to personalize their own bookmarks. This interactive activity encourages creativity and makes the reading experience more enjoyable and memorable for readers of all ages. 

Made in the USA and printed in full color, these bookmarks are visually appealing and environmentally friendly. They’re perfect gifts for engaging children and adults alike, encouraging them to personalize their bookmarks while promoting a love for reading.

Our recommendation:

coloring bookmark with intricate designs


Coloring Bookmark | USA Made | Full Color


These eco-friendly bookmarks add an interactive element that makes them a hit at library events, encouraging more people to get involved in reading activities. Plus, the full-color printing ensures that your library's branding stands out, making it a memorable keepsake.

The bookmarks are printed with soy inks, ensuring they align with your sustainability goals. Not all products made from recycled materials are created equally, but we vouch for ours. Eco Promotional Products vets all suppliers and factories to ensure ethical sourcing, labor, and sustainable practices.

Handing these sustainably made coloring bookmarks during National Library Week or summer reading programs can foster creativity while highlighting your commitment to eco-friendly practices.


2. Plantable Seeded Shape Bookmarks

If you’re looking to promote literacy and environmental stewardship, we have the ideal branded merchandise to help you promote your organization. These bookmarks with plantable seeded shapes offer a unique blend of functionality and eco-consciousness.

These bookmarks contain seeds that, when planted, grow into beautiful wildflowers or herbs, providing a lasting reminder of your event. They’re ideal promotional products for libraries, schools, and organizations that support literacy programs with an eco-friendly touch.

Our recommendation:

bookmarks with seeded papers in different shapes


Custom Bookmarks | Plantable Seeded Shape | USA Made


These bookmarks are made from 100% recycled paper and printed with eco-friendly inks, making them an excellent choice for National Library Week or summer reading programs. They serve as both a practical tool for readers and a sustainable giveaway, encouraging participants to nurture their own plants. Give these bookmarks away at conventions and summer reading events, and as gifts for top-performing participants to help promote a love for reading and a commitment to the environment.


3. Certified Organic Baseball Cap 

Organic and branded baseball caps are ideal promotional products for any event, including summer reading programs and other library events. Our high-quality baseball caps are made from certified organic materials to ensure comfort and environmental responsibility.

Customize the caps with your organization’s colors, add embroidered logos or any other decorative artwork, and you have the perfect branded merchandise to help promote your company.

Our recommendation:

woman wearing green cotton baseball cap



Baseball Cap | Certified Organic | Tri-glide Buckle Closure Hat


This cap is crafted from certified organic cotton, ensuring it meets high environmental and ethical standards. Its classic design makes it a versatile accessory for any occasion, from library events to outdoor programs.

Our factory for this product specializes in sustainable textiles like hemp, organic cotton, and recycled polyester and cotton. We only partner with factories that follow regulations on wages, child labor, overtime, health safety, and environmental standards.

About 1% of sales of this productare donated to an environmental non-profit.

By choosing this organic baseball cap, you demonstrate your commitment to sustainable fashion and promote eco-conscious choices in your community. Customize it with your library's logo for a memorable and impactful giveaway.


4. Natural Canvas Tote 

A natural cotton canvas tote is a versatile and eco-friendly promotional item for carrying books and other essentials. Made from 8 oz cotton canvas, it combines durability with sustainability, making it a perfect promotional product for library events.

Our recommendation:

canvas tote bags, branded merchandise


Natural Canvas Tote | 8 oz | 16x13x4


This spacious and sturdy tote bag is ideal for daily use. Its natural canvas material is biodegradable, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint. Customize it with your library's branding for a practical and eco-friendly giveaway.

Plus, the affordable prices for these bags and their ease of customization make them a great investment in your company's growth. Distributing these totes during National Library Week or summer reading programs encourages sustainable habits while providing a useful item for your patrons.


5. Liquid Gel Ink Click Pen 

Pens contribute to the growing single-use plastic menace in our landfills and waterways. Giving away reusable and refillable pens as branded merchandise helps curb this problem while promoting your organization. Our sustainable gel ink pens combine style and sustainability, which makes them fantastic promotional products.

Their refillable design reduces waste, making them a long-lasting and eco-friendly choice. The custom pen barrels contain 84% pre & post-consumer recycled materials.

Our recommendation:

pastel gel ink pens in seven colors


Recycled Pastel Classic RTX EnerGel® Liquid Gel Ink Click Pen | Refillable


These RTX EnerGel® pastel retractable liquid gel ink pens offer a pleasant writing experience with vibrant ink and a comfortable grip.

Every purchase of pink pens supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Additionally, through our partnership with The Arbor Day Foundation, each order helps us plant 100,000 trees by 2024. Your purchase supports these important causes and promotes a greener, cleaner planet for future generations.

Customize these pens with your company logo for a practical and stylish giveaway. These pens are perfect branded merchandise items for libraries and schools, especially during National Library Week or summer reading programs.


6. 12 Piece Colored Pencil Tube Set with Sharpener

Add a splash of color, inspire creativity, and promote sustainability by giving colored pencil sets as part of your promotional products. They’re perfect for engaging kids and other participants in artistic activities during conventions and various literacy activities for libraries and schools.

This set includes a sharpener, adding convenience and making it an ideal, eco-friendly promotional product for library events. The set encourages creativity and environmental awareness while promoting your company.

Our recommendation:

colored pencil set with eco-friendly packaging


12 Piece Colored Pencil Tube Set with Sharpener


The colored pencils come in a reusable and recyclable tube, ensuring minimal environmental impact. The built-in sharpener adds to the convenience, making it a perfect set for creative activities. They’re great for imagination and innovation, helping kids generate new ideas from the books they read during the summer.

For every order, no matter how small, Eco Promotional Product, Inc. plants a tree seedling on behalf of your organization. That way, you make an impact on the world in more ways than one.

Customize the tube with your library's logo to create a memorable and practical giveaway. This set is ideal for National Library Week or summer reading programs, encouraging creativity and sustainability among participants.


7. Recycled Pen and Pencil Set

A pen and pencil set is essential for any reader or writer, providing the means to capture thoughts, ideas, and inspirations on paper. As a promotional item for libraries and children’s institutions, this set serves a practical purpose and acts as a cherished keepsake that promotes literacy and love for writing. 

By offering these high-quality writing instruments, your company helps encourage creativity and expressing ideas, making them invaluable for literary enthusiasts. Add these to your giveaway gifts and customize them with your brand and logo to promote your organization and enhance your reputation for sustainability.

Our recommendation:

bamboo pen and pencil set with customizable engraving

Pen and Pencil Set | Recycled | Bamboo


The set includes two recycled paper pens in black ink, two bamboo pulp HB1 lead pencils, and a wooden pencil sharpener, all in a recycled paper case.

Once you customize the set with your organization’s logo or a unique design, this set makes an excellent promotional giveaway for National Library Week and summer reading programs.

Distributing these pen and pencil sets not only provides participants with a practical tool for their writing needs but also promotes your library's commitment to sustainability. The set's eco-friendly materials make it a standout choice for any environmentally responsible event.


8. Notebook and Sticky Note Set with Ruler

A notebook and sticky note set with a ruler is a multifunctional and eco-conscious promotional product. It offers a convenient way to jot down notes, bookmark pages, and measure items, making it a valuable tool for readers and writers alike.

Thanks to their utility and high-quality design, these notebooks and sticky note set supplies are excellent promotional products for libraries, schools, and various institutions. Their sustainable, eco-friendly construction helps support the environment while promoting your company among eco-conscious audiences.

Our recommendation:

customized notebook and sticky note set with ruler


Recycled Notebook and Sticky Note Set with Ruler | 4x5


Each notebook has 60 ruled pages of recycled paper, a 3" x 3" yellow sticky pad, and 25 sticky flags in 5 different colors. The custom notebook also features a 4.5" ruler on the edge of the recycled cardboard cover. It is perfect for taking notes during library visits or at home.

Customize the set with your library's branding to create a memorable and practical giveaway. This set is ideal for any company or organization that wants to promote its brand during National Library Week or summer reading programs, promoting both literacy and sustainability.


9. Reef Safe Sunscreen 

When you promote your company brand using these non-toxic sunscreens, you help protect your community and the environment. Reef-safe mineral sunscreen bottles contain no toxic chemicals such as oxybenzone, octinoxate, and octocrylene.

Instead, they use natural ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which are safe for coral reefs and marine life. These eco-friendly sunscreens provide effective sun protection while minimizing the impact on our oceans and wildlife. 

Our 1 oz bottle of reef-safe sunscreen offers broad-spectrum protection while being gentle on marine ecosystems, making it a thoughtful and responsible promotional item.

Our recommendation:

reef-safe mineral sunscreen branded merchandise

Reef Safe Mineral Sunscreen Bottle | 1 oz | USA Made


This formula is crafted with natural ingredients, including 100% zinc oxide for SPF protection and skin-friendly organic ingredients like beeswax and coconut oil. It’s tested to protect against UVA and UVB rays and is water-resistant for 80 minutes. The labeling also complies with FDA sunscreen standards, while the containers are refillable and recyclable.

For best effects, customize the bottle with your library's logo to highlight your commitment to environmental responsibility. Distribute these affordable and sustainable promotional products in libraries and during outdoor summer reading events to promote sun safety and sustainability.


10. Recycled Polycarbonate Sunglasses 

As you advertise your brand with National Library Week branded merchandise, promote eye protection and environmental awareness with these promotional sunglasses made from recycled materials.

These sunglasses offer style and sustainability in one package. They’re made of recycled plastics, making them safe for you and good for the environment.

Our recommendation:

three recycled sunglasses with one arm imprint in white, pink, and green colors


Promotional Sunglasses | Recycled | Adults - One Arm Imprint


The UV400 lenses provide 100% UV protection, while the high-quality frame, made from recycled polycarbonate, is waterproof and impact-resistant. The one-arm imprint allows for custom branding, making them a unique and memorable giveaway.

These cool retro sunglasses are perfect for outdoor library events and summer reading programs as they help protect young readers' eyes while promoting your company’s commitment to sustainability.


11. WRAP-Certified Unisex T-shirt

Promote your company events with style and sustainability through our custom t-shirts. These sustainable t-shirts are made from natural and eco-friendly materials and are WRAP-Certified, ensuring they meet high standards for ethical manufacturing and environmental responsibility.

They’re also very high-quality products, making them perfect promotional products to help boost your brand during National Library Week and in summer reading events.

Our recommendations:

male models wearing short-sleeved t-shirts, branded merchandise


USA Made Unisex Retail Fit T-Shirt | WRAP Certified



three kid models wearing short-sleeved t-shirts


Youth Unisex Short Sleeve T-Shirt | WRAP Certified


These t-shirts are crafted from high-quality materials, offering a comfortable and stylish fit for both adults and youth. The WRAP Certification guarantees that these shirts are produced under lawful, humane, and ethical conditions, aligning with your commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Both designs are customizable with your company logo or unique brand designs. We have special offers on bulk purchases (288+) to help you provide participants with a fashionable and sustainable keepsake that promotes your brand values.

The combination of quality, comfort, and ethical manufacturing makes these t-shirts a standout promotional item for libraries and community organizations, reflecting your dedication to sustainability and ethical practices.


12. Recyclable Plastic Bike Bottle 

Giving eco-friendly water bottles during National Library Week underscores the importance of hydration to young participants while promoting environmental awareness.

Thanks to their recycled plastic material, these water bottles help reduce plastic waste. They have a 20-oz capacity and a push-pull cap for easy use, making them perfect for hydrating on the go.

Our recommendation:

bike bottles, branded merchandise


Recycled Bike Bottle | USA Made | Push Pull Cap | 20 oz


Made from 40% recycled HDPE, these bike bottles are BPA and BPS-free. They comply with Proposition 65, CPSIA, and FDA regulations, making them healthy and eco-friendly promotional products for your company.

The bottles also feature an ergonomic design with a comfortable grip, while the push-pull cap allows for convenient drinking during activities.

Customize each bottle with your library's branding to create a useful and environmentally responsible giveaway. Our factory for these bottles produces 95% of the product here in the USA in a Union shop, so choosing this product means you promote local businesses.

Additionally, Eco Promotional Products plants a tree seedling on behalf of your organization for every order you make, no matter how small.


13. Insulated Travel Tumbler With Straw 

Giving our insulated travel tumblers during National Library Week helps recipients keep beverages at the perfect temperature while promoting your company as a sustainable brand. The tumblers are made of recycled, reusable stainless steel and BPA-free plastic to guarantee your health and sustainability.

This 24 oz tumbler features a straw for easy sipping and is made from recycled materials, making it a practical and eco-friendly choice.

Our recommendation:

insulated travel tumbler with straw and library logo, branded merchandise


Recycled Insulated Travel Tumbler with Straw | 24 oz


This Insulated Travel Tumbler is crafted from 100% recycled polypropylene/ABS mixed plastic on the outer wall and features a 90% recycled stainless steel inner wall. About 1% of the proceeds from this item are donated to, a nonprofit that has improved millions of lives worldwide by providing access to safe water and sanitation.

The double-wall stainless steel construction provides excellent insulation, keeping hot or cold liquids at the desired temperature for up to 6 hours. It features a screw-on, spill-resistant lid with a 10" straw for mess-free sipping.

Personalize the tumbler with your library's branding to create a practical and environmentally responsible giveaway. Perfect for National Library Week or summer reading programs, these library promotional items will promote hydration and eco-consciousness among your patrons.


14. USA-Made Decal Sticker Sheet

Add a fun and creative element to your promotional products with our sustainable decal sticker sheets. These full-color stickers are made in the USA and can be customized with your library's or organization’s branding.

Decal sticker sheets are affordable yet popular library promotional items that can help your company achieve better organization visibility. They’re great ideas for summer reading events, events for libraries, and community organizations that support literacy.

Our recommendation:

 full-color decal sticker sheet with custom designs


Decal Sticker Sheet | USA Made | Full Color | 7x11


Printed on white vinyl with an ultra-removable adhesive back, these stickers leave no residue when removed. They’re perfect for decorating computers, water bottles, notebooks, and more! The full-color printing ensures vibrant and eye-catching designs that will stand out.

We have special offers for bulk orders of 1500 sticker sheets or more, offering more than $4 off on the prices of each sticker. This makes them ideal for large conventions where you expect many libraries and schools. You can customize different sticker sheets so that attendees can have their pick, creating a strong brand impression in favor of your company.

Distribute these sticker sheets during National Library Week or summer reading programs to engage participants and promote your library's initiatives. These stickers are a fun and interactive way to spread awareness and encourage creativity.


15. Recycled Rubik's® Cube 

A Rubik's® Cube made from recycled materials adds a fun twist to your National Library Week promotional efforts. Unlike items like bookmarks and custom buttons, Rubik's® Cubes are interactive, fun, and engaging.

Our version of the classic puzzle game is made from recycled materials, offering a unique and eco-friendly promotional product. Plus, you can print different graphics on the cubes to help promote your organization and make these memorable promotional products for your company.

Our recommendation:

recycled Rubik's® cube, branded merchandise


Custom Recycled Rubik's® Cube | 9 Panel


This Rubik's® Cube features nine panels that can be customized with your library's branding or unique designs. It’s made from recycled plastic, which aligns it with your sustainability goals while providing a fun and engaging activity for participants.

Distribute these cubes during National Library Week or summer reading programs to promote creativity and environmental responsibility. They make a unique and memorable giveaway that will be enjoyed by all.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the importance of using eco-friendly promotional products for library events?

Eco-friendly promotional products demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

They help reduce waste and the use of non-renewable resources, making your library events more environmentally friendly and setting a positive example for the community. Popular examples of holiday gift supplies include custom buttons, bookmarks, and t-shirts made from natural and recycled materials.


2. How can eco-friendly products enhance the experience of National Library Week and summer reading programs?

Eco-friendly products add value to library events by offering participants sustainable, high-quality items that they can use and enjoy.

These products can make the events more memorable and impactful, fostering a deeper connection to the library and its programs.

sed inks. These materials are chosen for their lower environmental impact and sustainability, such as recycled cardstock for bookmarks or stainless steel for mugs.


3. Are eco-friendly library promotional items more expensive than traditional ones?

While some eco-friendly promotional products may have a higher upfront cost due to sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing processes, they often provide long-term value. Investing in eco-friendly products can enhance your library's reputation, attract environmentally conscious participants, and contribute to a positive community impact.

If you’re in doubt, opt for low-cost but just as sustainable branded merchandise, such as custom buttons or natural cotton t-shirts with custom print.