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Go Green at Corporate Retreats with Sustainable Promotional Products

Planning a corporate retreat involves juggling multiple tasks. From travel arrangements to setting up a jam-packed itinerary, every detail requires careful attention and intention to reflect company values.

For organizations considering branded swag giveaways for employees, it is important to choose promotional products that align with organizational goals, values, and mission statements. Conscious organizations with commitments to environmental and social responsibility opt for sustainable promotional items to impress team members with thoughtful, long-lasting gifts.  

Learn more about 10 popular promotional products with ethically sourced benefits that are perfect for upcoming corporate retreats and team building activities. 


1. Recycled cotton velour beach towels are ideal giveaways for companies hosting retreats in tropical locations. Customizable beach towels are soft, highly absorbent, and are made of recycled fabrics that meet the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), supporting responsible production and consumption.


Woman with recycled cotton velour beach towel

Recycled Cotton Velour Beach Towel


2. Certified organic baseball caps are classic accessories that pair well with outdoor activities. Tech companies, recreational centers, and fitness clubs appreciate having a stylish way to promote an eco-conscious lifestyle. These 100% cotton baseball caps feature an adjustable strap and a tri-glide buckle closure for inclusive sizing.  


Organic cotton baseball cap in many colors


Baseball Cap | Certified Organic | Tri-glide Buckle Closure Hat


3. Like certified organic baseball caps, embroidered bucket hats are fashionable and offer protection against the sun during outdoor excursions. Made from recycled materials, organizations with goals to beat fast fashion trends and reduce landfill waste find eco-friendly bucket hats to pair well with their events.


Embroidered bucket hat in 5 colors


Embroidered Bucket Hat | Recycled 


4. Women’s recycled insulated quilted vests are excellent welcome gifts for retreats during the cooler months. Women-led organizations, energy companies, and health and wellness companies enjoy recycled vests for their sleek feel. Waterproof and windproof sustainable vests are long-lasting and add a pop of sustainability to every wardrobe. Plus, through a partnership with 1% for the Planet, one percent of sales will be donated to non-profits dedicated to protecting the environment.  


Woman wearing recycled insulated vest


Women's Recycled Eco Insulated Quilted Vest


5. Recycled leather padfolios are essentials for professional seminars and demonstrations. Recycled leather padfolio journals are elegant and functional in design, giving users sophisticated writing experiences and an opportunity to reflect on their company’s dedication to environmental wellness. Bonded leather padfolios include a business card holder, elastic pen loop, and a mesh ID holder.  


3 recycled microfiber cleaning cloths


Bonded Leather Portfolio | Recycled Leather Padfolio | 10x12


6. Customizable computer backpacks made of 100% recycled polyester are popular amongst technology companies, software firms, and organizations in the hospitality industry. High-quality sustainable backpacks offer plenty of storage space and compartments for electronics such as laptops and other devices. These are amazing gifts to boost corporate branding on the go. Plus, there is a giveback incentive for every recycled backpack to support 1% for the Planet and its mission for environmental protection.


Thule laptop backpack with logo


Thule Custom rPET Computer Backpack | 17.7"


7. Since hydration is key for any event, recycled stainless steel water bottles are a must-have. Companies with corporate sustainability initiatives to reduce single-use plastic waste integrate high-end reusable drinkware products to spark sustainable change and employee interest. Recycled stainless steel bottles are designed to optimize beverage temperatures for extended periods and support sustainable living. Made by a certified B Corp, determined to rid the world’s oceans of plastic pollution, every bottle funds the collection of 25 pounds of plastic or 1,000 plastic bottles. 


Recycled 17 oz stainless steel water bottle with logo


Recycled Stainless Steel Ocean Bottle | 17 oz


8. USA-made sunscreen and lip balm sets are sustainable self-care items that offer sun protection at beach retreats, hiking trips, and other outdoor adventures. Sunscreen and lip balm sets made with a zero-waste production process by a certified B Corp are amazing choices for brands looking to lower their carbon footprint and support a more conscious marketplace.  


sunscreen and lip balm set


Tropical Sunscreen and Lip Balm Set | USA Made


9. Recycled FSC notebook and pen sets are great additions for writing workshops, guest speaker sessions, and team-building activities. Eco-friendly notebooks and pens boost creativity and environmental stewardship within organizations. Users can proudly bring their notebook and pen sets back to the office, school, or home after the event ends.  


Notebook with logo in multiple colors


Recycled FSC Notebook and Pen Set | 5x7


10. Certified bamboo freestanding awards are perfect for recognizing employee achievements during corporate retreats. FSC certified awards are suitable for renewable energy companies, banks, and other institutions looking for ways to celebrate team members’ efforts while offering an eco-friendly keepsake.  


Bamboo freestanding award

Personalized FSC Certified Bamboo Freestanding Award | 6" x 4"



With one thoughtful giveaway at a time, brands can enjoy more sustainable partnerships, workplaces, and marketing strategies. Shop customizable tech items from Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP) today. 

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