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Top 10 Hottest Summer Promotional Products for 2024

Businesses seek innovative and unique summer swag to connect with customers and promote their brands during the summer. 

With an increasing global emphasis on environmental sustainability, choosing eco-friendly and ethical summer swag is more crucial than ever. 

We’ll explore the top 10 hottest summer promotional items that will wow your recipients and protect our planet.


1. BBQ Grill Mat

Elevate your customer’s grilling experience with a reusable FDA-approved BBQ grill mat. It’s designed to make barbecuing cleaner, easier, and more efficient.

This innovative accessory ensures that the grill remains spotless and food cooks perfectly without losing any pieces through the grill grates.

Reusable BBQ Grill Mat | 13x16


Reusable BBQ Grill Mat | 13x16


Measuring 13 inches by 16 inches, it’s the perfect size to fit most grills. It provides a smooth, non-stick surface for cooking everything from juicy burgers and sizzling steaks to delicate vegetables and seafood.

The high-quality material is heat-resistant and durable, ensuring it can withstand the high temperatures of grilling while being easy to clean and reuse.

Customize this summer swag product with your brand's logo or a unique design. It’s an outstanding promotional item for cookouts, culinary events, or as a retail product in home and garden stores. 


2. Backpack Cooler

Once your customers discover innovative cooler bags for summer swag, they will ditch their tote bags. 

Our cooler bags combine sustainability with functionality. Gift recipients can keep their drinks and snacks cool while on the go. At the same time, they will be doing their bit to conserve the environment. 

They are made of FSC®-certified paper from tree cellulose, a renewable resource from responsibly managed farms. For every backpack sold, one percent of sales are donated to 1% For the Planet’s mission to support environmental non-profit organizations.

Our recommendation:

FSC Out of the Woods® Paper Backpack Cooler | 11x16x6FSC Out of the Woods® Paper Backpack Cooler | 11x16x6


FSC Out of the Woods® Paper Backpack Cooler | 11x16x6

This backpack cooler measures 11 inches wide, 16 inches high, and 6 inches deep, offering ample space to store perishables for picnics, beach trips, or outdoor activities. 

The material is both environmentally friendly and highly durable, ensuring it withstands the rigors of travel and repeated use. 

Personalize this backpack summer swag with your company’s icon or a custom design. It’s an excellent choice for promoting your brand at a summer event, corporate retreat, or as part of sustainable product offerings in stores.


3. Hydration Pack

Keep active customers hydrated and ready for adventure with an eco-friendly hydration pack.

This high-performance hydration solution is designed for outdoor employee engagement events, endurance athletes, hikers, campers, festival goers and anyone who needs reliable water access while on the move. 

Made from recycled materials, it underscores a commitment to environmental sustainability without compromising quality or functionality.

Our recommendation:

CamelBak Recycled Hydration Pack | 2.5 L | 16x10x6


CamelBak Recycled Hydration Pack | 2.5 L | 16x10x6


The recycled hydration pack features a 2.5-liter water reservoir, ample enough to sustain long excursions. 

It also measures 16 inches high, 10 inches wide, and 6 inches deep. It offers additional storage space for essentials like snacks, a first-aid kit, and lightweight outerwear, making it a versatile companion for all-day outings.

Customize this summer swag with your brand’s logo or a unique design to make it a standout promotional item for sports stores, outdoor events, or corporate wellness initiatives. 

Offering CamelBak's Recycled Hydration Pack as branded merchandise demonstrates your dedication to sustainability and quality, attracting eco-conscious adventurers.


4. Steel Cup

Promote sustainability in style with steel cups company swag. Perfect for summer, it lets everyone reduce their environmental footprint and enjoy hot or cool refreshments on the go.

Our recommendation:

USA-Made Recyclable Steel Chill Cup | Reusable | 16 oz


USA-Made Recyclable Steel Chill Cup | Reusable | 16 oz


Crafted from high-quality, 100% recyclable steel, this steel cup is designed to last and resist the wear and tear of daily use. 

Its sturdy design ensures that your customers’ refreshments maintain their desired temperature, whether sipping hot coffee on a chilly morning or enjoying a cold refreshment on a hot day.

Ditch the plastic solo cups and personalize the summer swag with your brand’s logo or custom artwork. This customization enhances brand visibility and promotes your commitment to sustainability. It’s an excellent promotional item for corporate events, cafes, employee engagement, summer picnics and camping events, or as a retail product in eco-conscious stores.


5. Recycled Picnic Blanket

A recycled and branded picnic blanket is a triple treat for summer promotional items: practical, visible, and suitable for countless outdoor adventures.

Imagine your brand logo prominently displayed as people relax at concerts, picnics, sporting events,or beach days. This summer essential keeps your message in the public eye with every sunny outing.

Our recommendation:

Recycled Round Oversized Picnic Blanket | Reusable


Recycled Round Oversized Picnic Blanket | Reusable


This picnic blanket features a spacious round design, providing plenty of room for multiple people to relax and enjoy. 

The recycled fabric is durable and soft, making it ideal for sitting or lying on grass or sand. Through a partnership with 1% For The Planet, one percent of sales of this product are donated to environmental non-profits.

Its moisture-resistant backing ensures a dry sitting area, enhancing the comfort of your outdoor experiences. The blanket conveniently folds into a compact size for easy carrying with a strap.

Customize sustainable picnic blankets with your company icon or a unique pattern that stands out. It’s the perfect company swag for:

  • Events: Host outdoor events and equip attendees with a branded blanket they'll use again and again.
  • Outdoor Gear: Complement your outdoor gear sales with a matching picnic blanket – a perfect upsell opportunity.
  • Corporate Gifting: Give thoughtful summer swag that gets used! This picnic blanket is ideal for employee appreciation or client gifts. It can be used by the pool or in the forest. 


6. Dry Bag

A reliable dry bag is a must-have for water sports and hiking, where people need to keep their items safe and dry. Keep adventures dry with branded summer swag.

Choose one made using recycled PET (rPET) for customers who enjoy the outdoors. This summer swag helps reduce plastic waste while offering a reliable solution for protecting personal belongings.

Our recommendation:

Recycled rPET Waterproof Dry Bag | 2.5L


Recycled rPET Waterproof Dry Bag | 2.5L


This 2.5-liter dry bag is perfect for securing small valuables like phones, wallets, and keys.

Its waterproof design ensures that items remain dry and safe, even in wet conditions. The roll-top closure is easy to use and provides an airtight seal, protecting against water, dust, and sand.

Personalize environmentally responsible giveaways with your brand’s logo or a custom design to enhance your company’s visibility.

Double down on your summer swag offerings. This recycled logoed bag is an excellent promotional item for pool equipment retailers, travel companies, or any business focused on adventure and sustainability.


7. Hammock

A hammock is an ideal summer swag item for hiking, camping, or beach outing.

It’s doubly special if it can be packed easily and designed for repeated use. A compact and reusable design makes it easy to transport and set up, allowing users to experience a comfortable time and give your brand a boost.

Our recommendation:

Basecamp Travel Hammock | Packable | Reusable


Basecamp Travel Hammock | Packable | Reusable


Lightweight yet sturdy, this travel hammock is crafted from durable materials that can withstand outdoor elements while providing a comfortable resting spot. 

This hammock is made of 210T Nylon/polyester and has a 500lb weight capacity. Every order gives back and supports the Wounded Warrior Project's mission to honor and empower wounded warriors.

Our custom summer swag hammock is compact, making it convenient for travel. It comes with rope and carabiner attachments for easy set up wherever your customers go. 

Include your brand’s logo to make it a highly appreciated gift or promotional item. It’s perfect for outdoor gear companies, corporate retreats, college campus wellness, or as a thoughtful giveaway at environmental events.


8. Solar Power Bank

Ensure your employees, student body, and customers' phones stay charged using eco-friendly power bank summer swag.

A solar-powered power bank offers a practical solution for charging smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered devices without relying on conventional energy sources. 

It’s ideal for summer events, travelers and outdoor enthusiasts committed to environmental responsibility. 

Our recommendation:

Solar Power Bank with Carabiner | 4000 mAh/strong


Solar Power Bank with Carabiner | 4000 mAh/strong


This emergency solar power bank features a durable, compact design that easily attaches to a backpack, belt, or tent with its integrated carabiner. This practical addition ensures the logoed solar power bank is always accessible and secure, even during an active summer event and travel experience. 

Customize all summer swag with your brand’s trademark, enhancing visibility and demonstrating your commitment to innovative, eco-friendly products. 

It’s ideal for companies promoting outdoor activities, sustainable practices, or technology.


9. Boonie Bucket Hat

Sun hats make excellent summer giveaways for companies looking to enhance their brand visibility while providing practical value.

During the summer season, sustainable recycled custom hats offer essential protection against harmful UV rays. They are a thoughtful and health-conscious choice for customers and employees. 

Customizable with logos or slogans, sun hats serve as walking advertisements at beaches, parks, cleanup events, and summer events, increasing brand exposure. It’s the ultimate company swag.

They are versatile and fashionable, appealing to a wide demographic and encouraging regular use. 

Our recommendation:

Recycled PET Sun Hat with Cord


Recycled PET Sun Hat with Cord


This durable sun hat is made from recycled water bottles that are woven into polyester textile.

Its wide brim can provide ample shade for the face, neck, and ears. The included cord helps secure the hat in windy conditions, ensuring it stays in place no matter the outdoor activity. 


10. Utensil Set Tool

An all-in-one utensil set is essential during the summer when many parties are happening. It’s also a versatile companion for picnics, camping trips, and outdoor festivals. 

This compact stainless steel utensil set tool kit ensures your gift recipients are always prepared, no matter the meal or occasion.

Our recommendation:

Tactical Survival Utensil Set Tool | Stainless Steel | Reusable


Tactical Survival Utensil Set Tool | Stainless Steel | Reusable


Stainless steel utensil set giveaways include a spork, knife, whistle, and bottle opener, providing everything you need to enjoy a meal in the wilderness.

Its compact design makes it easy to carry, fitting perfectly in a backpack, camping equipment, glove compartment, or survival kit. 

Customize the Tactical Survival Utensil Set Tools with your brand’s logo symbol or a personalized message.

These giveaways are perfect for outdoor employee engagement events, travel promotions, survival training programs, or any business that caters to outdoor enthusiasts. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are eco-friendly promotional products important for summer campaigns?

Eco-friendly summer swag reflects a brand’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

It’s crucial during the summer fun season when outdoor activities increase and environmental awareness is heightened.


2. How does summer swag, like hammocks and power banks, appeal to outdoor enthusiasts?

Items like hammocks and solar power banks appeal to outdoor enthusiasts by providing useful comfort and technology in eco-friendly formats, enhancing outdoor experiences, and aligning with interests in sustainability and adventure.


3. What should companies consider when selecting summer swag products?

Companies should consider the utility, environmental impact, and alignment with activities done in the heat.

This ensures the promotional products are both practical for the season and reflective of the brand’s values.