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Promote Campus Sustainability with Eco-Responsible Branded Merchandise

Does your campus culture include environmental and social consciousness? Student groups, faculty, and alumni yearn to support and actively participate in sustainable initiatives. Higher education leaders strategize how to maintain meaningful engagement, elevate campus sustainability, and add educational value for sustainable community success. Discover how Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP)’s sustainable promotional products have empowered institutions to drive positive community impacts and succeed with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) targets while helping to support sustainability goals. 

Campuses Go Green with Sustainable Promotional Products 

With a growing awareness of global environmental issues and on-campus challenges, such as plastic, packaging, and food waste, colleges and universities are taking steps for lasting change. Institutions have found success in waste reduction initiatives and environmental awareness campaigns by choosing environmentally and socially responsible branded products over traditional promotional products. 

Residential Life, sustainability departments, student affairs divisions, research centers, and student-led organizations inspire audiences to live out institutional values and join incentive programs, collaborative events, and educational workshops. Eco-friendly promotional products are helpful tools for faculty and students to take climate action and create conscious academic environments. Along with environmentally and socially responsible advantages, sustainable merchandise also fosters strong campus engagement, pride, and development. 

How Reusable Logoed Items Help Reduce Waste on Campus 

Eliminating disposable items like bags, utensil sets, and water bottles is a popular approach to reducing single-use plastics in academic environments. However, it is important to introduce practical and long-lasting product solutions for sustainable change. Here are four eco-responsible logoed products sustainability departments, student affairs divisions, and research centers choose to elevate environmental commitments in higher education: 

  • Reusable snack and sandwich bags are unique and affordable sustainable promotional products with zero waste advantages. Made with organic cotton and recycled PET, they are excellent eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic snack bags. Personalize reusable snack and sandwich bags with institutional logos or messaging to reinforce green values and plastic reduction goals. Students and faculty members will appreciate having a convenient tool to carry snacks while on campus. 
  • Reject single-use cutlery sets because of their devastating effects on human and ecological health. Reusable wheat straw utensil sets demonstrate a forward-thinking approach to waste-free dining. Sets are made from 51% wheat straw and feature a buildable straw with a cleaning brush, spoon and knife combination tool, and a fork and chopstick duo inside a compact case.  
  • USA-made reusable water bottles not only promote plastic-free living but also support domestic production. Made from 50% post-consumer recycled polyester waste, 32-ounce reusable water bottles are BPA-free and food compliant, offering eco-friendly hydration. 
  • Sustainability meets convenience with EPP’s reusable wheat straw bento box lunch sets. Eco-friendly bento boxes made from renewable resources use less energy and resources during production, lowering global environmental impacts. They are functional and sustainable promotional product giveaways for users to curb their plastic intake on campus and beyond.  

Inspire Green Living for On-Campus Residents and Commuters 

Gaining student interest and participation is crucial when leading green campus initiatives. Student populations are key in setting and maintaining successful progress. Housing and student affairs offices, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) departments, and health institutes choose sustainable promotional products that fit seamlessly into student lives to inspire green living and spark engagement. Whether students live on campus or commute, the following eco-friendly branded items are essential items students can use frequently and be reminded how conscious lifestyle habits create a more sustainable future: 

  • Made from AZO-free natural cotton canvas, eco-friendly branded laundry bags are promotional products on-campus residents will use and keep through the years. With a top drawstring closure with a lock and cotton webbed shoulder straps, the durable design protects laundry loads and maximizes convenience.  
  • When moving in and out of dorms and apartments, student residents can use large recycled tote bags to minimize the need for multiple trips and the use of boxes and plastic storage containers. With a durable design to hold up to 33 pounds, recycled PET totes are versatile for groceries, recreational activities, and commuting to and from campus. Eco-friendly tote bags with socially compliant standards through Prop. 65 with a donation incentive through 1% from the Planet are practical and cost-effective promotional products to demonstrate environmental and social responsibility.  
  • Sustainably certified key straps keep keys, IDs, and other credentials close. Made from Yulex, a plant-based rubber from renewable tree forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), eco-friendly key straps have a key ring and a carabiner clip for easy travel. Consider eco-conscious key straps as welcome gifts or additions to campus swag bags. They are practical tools for everyday use and conversation starters about sustainable materials. 
  • Recycled packing cubes maximize space and reduce dependence on bulky plastic storage containers and boxes. Three-piece recycled packing cube sets are great product giveaways for campus orientations, syllabus week celebrations, and residence life workshops. Share the sustainable advantages of packing light and greenifying campus spaces. 
  • We also recommend EPP’s 100% recycled customizable, collapsible storage organizer, another sustainable promotional product that promotes green living. Students and faculty members can make their spaces more efficient, minimalistic, and organized with eco-responsible alternatives. Easy to store in closets, offices, and on shelves. Add the school mascot or department name to the front for brand exposure.  

Create a campus culture that prioritizes environmental and social consciousness with sustainable promotional products. From reusable snack bags to sustainably certified key straps, EPP’s practical and responsible branded merchandise encourages eco-friendly lifestyle choices, supports campus sustainability initiatives, and creates conscious higher education environments. Take a step towards a greener future and give students and staff the tools to join. Call 877-ECO-WINS to place an order today.