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Promote Sustainability with Eco-friendly Awards

There is a large demand for businesses and organizations to be more environmentally conscious. Companies are encouraged to make the transition to serve people and the planet and even save money. Popular green initiatives include promoting proper recycling habits, having plastic-free lunches, and carpooling. Another effective and sustainable way to make a difference is to host eco-friendly award ceremonies.  

Many traditional awards or trophies are made of non-sustainable materials like plastic or wood that have not been sustainably harvested.  Strengthen your sustainability commitment with our awards made from recycled glass, bamboo, and sustainably harvested wood. 

Products made from recycled materials often require less water and energy to be produced. Awards made from recycled glass, recycled wood, and aluminum give resources a longer lifecycle and are generally recyclable. Bamboo recognition awards are a great sustainable option since bamboo is a renewable resource and is biodegradable. Perpetual plaques made from bamboo are unique and make room for future recipients and ceremonies. Recognize progress with ongoing projects and workplace anniversaries by adding a recycled glass tile to the plaque. For another long-lasting award, we recommend our recycled glass coasters. They are multifunctional, made in the USA, and come in different colors. Mark first, second and third place or silver, gold, and platinum with the same style of sustainable trophies in three sizes, USA made from recycled glass and bamboo.  

Consider awards and plaques that are made in the USA. Products manufactured in the USA have a lower carbon footprint by cutting shipping travel and supporting the livelihoods of American workers. Make sure your first impression is positive. Eco-friendly awards should always be presented in sustainable packaging if packaging is necessary.  

Hosting a ceremony with awards and recognition gifts with environmental advantages promotes sustainability while honoring people for their tenure or hard work. Need help finding sustainable awards? Call 877-ECO-WINS to reach a representative.