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Promotional Products and Giveaways for 2018 Earth Day Events

Every day is Earth Day at Eco Promotional Products. If you are planning an Earth Day celebration, Eco Promotional Products has many unique eco-friendly promotional items. The selection is meant to educate and encourage Earth-friendly actions like conserving energy, reducing waste and recycling. Walk the walk and choose Earth Day giveaways that won’t end up in a landfill.

Many Earth Day events are geared towards students who will be the caretakers of our Earth in years to come. Educating young people about Earth Day and what it represents is the most important message of the day. Students will learn so much more with interactive Earth-friendly activities like planting a tree, picking up trash at a local park or biking/walking to school instead of riding in a car on Earth Day. To help keep the mindset that every day is Earth Day, choose an eco-friendly giveaway to encourage recipients to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Following are the top 10 best eco-friendly promotional products for Earth Day 2018:

  1. Planting kits: Personalized grow kits have everything needed to grow flowers, vegetables and herbs at home. These items can be started inside in April and then moved outside as the weather gets warmer.
  2. Seed packets: Help save the bees with pollinator friendly wildflower seed packets. Wildflowers will not only help beautify landscapes, they are also a key food source for bees. Planting wildflowers will allow bees to better pollinate fruits and vegetables and increase crop production.
  3. Conservation Decals: Ultra removeable decals can be placed near light switches, faucets and other electronic devices reminding people to turn off when not in use to save energy. These are great for energy/water providers as well as sustainability-minded organizations for use in office buildings.
  4. Pencils: Recycled newspaper pencils, made from 75% recycled newspaper and 25% new paper, are a favorite Earth Day giveaway for kids.
  5. Water Bottles: Disposable plastic water bottles are incredibly harmful to the Earth and sadly, a great percentage of plastic water bottles never get recycled. Giving away water bottles at an Earth Day event encourages people to reduce and reuse.
  6. Reusable Shopping Bags: Just like disposable water bottles, disposable plastic bags are equally harmful the Earth. Reusable shopping bags are the promotional product that never goes out of style.
  7. Recycled Frisbees: Earth friendly Frisbees are fun for kids and adults and a perfect spring time giveaway. Recycled flyers are made from 30% post recycled industrial plastic.
  8. Recycled Sling Backpacks: Eco Promotional Products’ recycled RPET sports backpack is made from 51% post-consumer recycled material. Kids and adults will both love this high-quality cinch backpack. Its light weight is great for bike riding and walking.
  9. Recycled Unstructured Baseball Cap: If your organization is planning an external service project, these hats will showcase your company name and green mission. Volunteers will love this take-home gift.
  10. Eco-friendly Office & School Supplies: Recycled notebook and pen sets are not only made from recycled materials, they also have stock recycling messaging on the back. Another eco-friendly giveaway for offices is a recycling bin shaped pen and pencil holder. Add a recycling message, reminding people to recycle.

Earth Day is the busiest time of year at Eco Promotional Products. We recommend planning ahead to make sure you get the items you want, in plenty of time for your Earth Day event.

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