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Promotional Products for Campus Sustainability Month

Universities across the country are preparing for Campus Sustainability Month (CSM). This initiative is held every October to deepen the vision for environmental consciousness in higher education spaces and spread awareness about institutional carbon footprints. College organizations organize environmentally impactful activities and advocacy efforts to accomplish their sustainability goals including: growing campus gardens, reducing food waste, constructing LEED certified buildings, writing letters to board leaders, and more. This year, Eco Promotional Products Inc. is centering its focus on supporting groups looking to prevent the accumulation of single-use plastics in their communities by providing appropriate gear for cleanup events and other beautification efforts. Our goal is to also encourage businesses to participate in community cleanup events with selected merchandise this fall. 

Hosting campus-wide cleanup and beautification projects are a direct solution for universities that are challenged by the consumption of single-use plastics and overall waste production. It is estimated that a college student contributes nearly 640 pounds of waste per academic year. These events serve as opportunities for faculty and students to be educated on environmentally-friendly behaviors and the importance of maintaining campus grounds.  

Eco Promotional Products Inc. recognizes the benefits of having universities adopt plastic-free environments, monitor their waste production and reduction, and promote environmental education. Therefore, our goal is to support organizations this Campus Sustainability Month with essential and sustainable gear to lead cleanups within university grounds and neighboring communities burdened by litter. The following items are popular amongst groups who currently partner with us for their cleanup events: 

  • Reusable and Recycled Litter Bag. Have cleanup recipients use these bags to collect litter. Bags can be wiped down after the event and taken home. Adding a logo to a reusable bag gives long-lasting brand impressions.   

  • Embroidered Recycled Cuffed Beanie and Recycled Unisex Eco Long Sleeve T-shirt. Both items will keep participants warm during fall cleanup events. Beanie hat is made of recycled polyester and acrylic. Custom long sleeve shirt is made from 40% recycled polyester and cotton. This blend is known for reducing water usage, energy consumption, and CO2 emissions in the garment industry. 

  • Branded High Visibility Gloves. Reusable gloves are key for protecting hands from all sorts of trash found during clean up events. Custom branded gloves are made with breathable and durable materials, latex-free, and have an EN388 cut level 1 design. Plus, they can be washed and reused for future clean up events or gardening. 

  • Pine Tree to Grow Box. When events are over, say thank you to participants with a tree planting kit. Grow boxes can be customized with a logo to personalize the experience of planting trees on campus grounds or in the community.  

  • Trash/Recycling Bag Scale. Measure how much trash was collected with a bag scale. The scale can be used individually and collectively to calculate the pounds of trash gathered from the clean up events. Additionally, it can be used as a luggage scale. The scale can weigh up to 75 pounds or 32 kilograms.  

Click here from more information on these eco-friendly CSM products currently on sale though November 30, 2022.