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Promotional Products for Water Conservation 2022

Climatic shifts are having a strong impact on the accessibility of a vital resource – fresh water. Extreme and exceptional drought conditions have been reported to span all the way from Texas to the western coastal states and up through the Great Plains, covering nearly one half of the United States. Communities that rely on fresh water resources for agricultural and drinking water purposes have been burdened by these effects for many years and are preparing for future events. These populations are actively calling for advocacy movements to spread awareness about these conditions.

With the help of non-profit organizations, local governments, and agencies, water conversation efforts are mobilizing across the country. However, since conditions are expected to intensify at a rapid pace, there is an urgent call for more support. According to reports, nearly 5% of all U.S. water withdrawals are used to fuel industry and the production of many of the material goods we stock up on weekly, monthly, and yearly. One of the best ways to conserve water is to buy recycled goods. Recycled promotional products are the perfect complement to any program looking to highlight the need for water conservation efforts.

Eco Promotional Products offers many products to promote conversation programs. All of these products are either made from recycled materials, require less energy to produce, or are educational to bring awareness to water conservation. The following eco-friendly promotional products are great for water providers, garden centers, conservation groups and more:

  • Eco-Friendly T-shirts. Production and processing of America’s favorite fabric cotton uses a large amount of water. RPET or recycled cotton shirts are produced using less water. Also, since they are made from recycled content, less waste goes to landfill.
  • Shower Timers. It is estimated that standard shower heads use 2.5 gallons of water each minute. Shower timers allow users to monitor water usage and prevent gallons from being wasted. Custom branded 5-minute shower timers attach to any tile wall with a suction cup design.
  • Educational Activity Books. Sharing these activity books is a fun and simple way to teach children the importance of conserving water. Activity books spark the conversation of water conservation in households, allowing families to review their water usage and adopt new practices.
  • Toilet Leak Detection Tablets. Save water and save money by identifying a leaky toilet. The average leaky toilet can waste about 200 gallons of water per day. Custom branded leak detection tablets detect leaks in large or small toilets. Tablets are attached to a pamphlet customized with your logo and contact information. This is a favorite promotional product among municipal water districts.
  • Recycled Magnets. USA made informational magnets serve as a daily reminder for a cause. Water conservation magnets have 10 tips for saving water and are produced using less water. Eco-friendly magnets are a simple, yet effective, educational tool since they can be posted on water-using appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines to capture the attention of users.

Click here to learn how these eco-friendly products can serve your water conservation efforts. More information in regards to pricing and support can be found via the link as well.