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Shop Pink and Sustainably: Promote Breast Cancer Awareness with Eco-friendly Branded Products

Join us as we come together to raise awareness, promote early detection, and support research efforts in the fight against breast cancer. Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP), a certified B corporation and woman-owned business, is committed to educating consumers about the significance of making more responsible purchasing decisions. By knowing a product’s lifecycle and the health and safety of the materials, we not only contribute to environmental stewardship but also promote better public health for all.  

EPP is the safe place for environmentally and socially responsible promotional products and a trusted source for conscious organizations, offering branded items free from carcinogens and other harsh toxins, produced within fair labor guidelines, and backed by documentation to support claims. Through a consciously vetted process, our team ensures health, safety, and quality at all stages.  

Together, let’s make a difference by supporting breast cancer awareness while making sustainable and ethical choices. EPP is the go-to destination for sustainable promotional products, empowering brands to prioritize social and environmental responsibility. 


How to Advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness  

Advocate for breast cancer awareness and support affected communities by using eco-friendly promotional products. Non-profit organizations, hospitals, health providers, banks, insurance and consulting firms, and city governments sponsor events such as fundraising walks and races, and educational seminars to elevate the cause.  

With sustainability logoed merchandise, industries create positive event experiences, communicate commitments to environmental and social causes, and promote breast cancer awareness and climate action simultaneously. Choose eco-friendly branded products for product giveaways, patient care packages, and appreciation gifts to make a lasting impact this Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 


Sustainable Promotional Products for Fundraising Events 

Fundraisers are valuable platforms to endorse research and advancements in finding a cure. Here are a few eco-friendly promotional products event coordinators, financial and marketing firms, and non-profit organizations selected to embrace environmental, social, and governance (ESG) during breast cancer awareness initiatives: 

1. Plantable Breast Cancer Awareness Bookmarks are not only practical educational giveaways, but they also feature seeded shapes that transform into beautiful wildflowers, herbs, and vegetables. Made in the USA, they are crafted with 100% recycled paper. For organizations looking to reduce waste, host larger crowds, and be mindful of budgets, look no further. Give away plantable bookmarks as tokens of appreciation for attendees participating in fundraising walks, runs, and challenges. Customize the eco-friendly bookmarks with full-color brand logos and popular slogans to “grow” awareness of breast cancer while honoring environmental sustainability. Choose the pink ribbon seeded shape, a powerful symbol demonstrating support for the pink revolution. 

2. W.R.A.P. Certified T-shirts are the perfect choice to bring style, comfort, and sustainability together for an amazing cause. W.R.A.P. Certified tshirts are ethically made in socially compliant factories with 100% high-quality lightweight cotton and Blue Sign certified dyes. Available in unisex sizes up to 4XL, they offer a flattering fit for all shapes and sizes. EPP’s eco-friendly t-shirts act as traveling billboards for environmental and social causes, representing brands’ values to advocate for sustainable fashion, human rights, and safe working conditions. W.R.A.P t-shirts make excellent welcome gifts for volunteers and attendees for breast cancer awareness races, walks, and challenges.  

3. EPP’s Lightweight Cooling Towels are eco-friendly solutions to keep recipients cool during outreach events. Made with high-quality Poly Vinyl Acetal (PVA) materials, reusable cooling towels grant instant relief during fitness activities, charity walks, and cycling events. They are long-lasting, versatile, and Prop. 65 compliant. Use eco-friendly cooling towels as cooling aids, face coverings, and head wraps. This budget-friendly promotional product is a great addition to breast cancer awareness swag bags. 

4. Encourage environmental sustainability, raise awareness, and empower women with Women’s 100% Cotton Racerback Tanks. EPP’s eco-friendly racerback tanks can be personalized with powerful messaging and logos so wearers can make a bold statement and represent their part in fighting for a cure. Whether worn during marathons, mud runs, or leisure activities, 100% racerback tanks are meaningful and fashionable gifts for attendees. Add logos and custom art to any eco-friendly racerback tank to advocate for a sustainable and healthier future.  


Sustainable Promotional Products for Care Packages and Swag Bags 

Health providers, insurance companies, hospitals, and non-profit organizations lead campaigns to share the significance of scheduling mammograms, prevention treatments, and screenings. Eco-friendly promotional products are tangible representations of brands’ support for patient health and wellness and sustainability. They can also make up a thoughtful care package or swag bag for those undergoing mammograms, screenings, and therapeutic sessions. Here are three standout promotional products to enhance patient experiences: 

1. Celebrate patients with EPP’s exclusive Breast Cancer Awareness Socks. A cozy gift with sustainable advantages, recipients can reuse eco-friendly branded socks for future awareness events, appointments, and daily use.  

2. Made in the USA and Certified Organic by the USDA, EPP’s Conscious Lip Balms are a great addition to care packages. Free from harsh carcinogenic ingredients with containers made from a blend of post-industrial plastics, organic lip balms promote environmental and social responsibility. Eco-friendly lip balms prioritize self-care, boost patient wellness, and are essential for everyday use.  

3. Pair all the items above with 100% Natural Cotton Tote Bags to complete the perfect gift bundle. 100% cotton tote bags are sustainable alternatives to plastic bags. Patients can carry essentials and resource materials to and from appointments and reuse the bags for everyday activities. Gain brand impressions, spread awareness, and promote environmental stewardship with every use.  


Custom Art for Breast Cancer Awareness 

Our dedicated team has created engaging and professional custom designs and impactful slogans to promote breast cancer awareness. Honor breast cancer warriors and boldly stand for a cure with exclusive breast cancer awareness stock art from EPP.  

For a limited time, we are offering free set-up with savings of up to $50 on all items featuring EPP’s Breast Cancer Awareness artwork. Email to access the personal coupon checkout code. This offer will expire on October 16th, 2023. Order ahead for timely delivery to represent pink October.  

Call 877-ECO-WINS (877-326-9467) to make a powerful difference for an amazing cause. Together, let’s advocate for those affected by breast cancer with responsible purchases that promote better public health, safety, and climate education. Find more amazing eco-conscious and socially responsible promotional products for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, here