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Top 10 Promotional Products for the 4th of July, State Fairs and Other Summer Events

Memorial Day marks the unofficial first day of summer. Weekends will be filled with picnics, BBQs, festivals, 5ks and parades. No matter what type of event you are organizing, show your patriotism with American made promotional products.

Buying American made products is good for the environment and the economy. Additionally, products made in the USA are safer. American made manufacturers are heavily regulated and have to abide by strict regulations to minimize pollutants and protect the environment. Recipients will also notice the Country of Origin labeling and appreciate receiving American made promotional products. Buying American made products reduce your carbon footprint by not having to pay for the fuel and energy needed to ship products from overseas.

American made t-shirts are popular eco-friendly promotional products for group picnics, parade participants, festival workers and race day swag. T-shirts can be fully customized with a group’s name and patriotic message.

Eco Promotional Products offers dozens of affordable American made promotional products great for parade and fair giveaways that recipients of all ages will enjoy. Following are the top promotional products for summer:

  1. Frisbees: The promotional product that never goes out of style. Custom Frisbees are long lasting and recipients will see your name every time they use them.
  2. Buttons: Showcase your cause or political campaign on long-lasting, USA made recycled buttons. 
  3. Water bottles: Always a popular giveaway during the summer, American made reusable water bottles, made from recycled plastic show your commitment to the environment.
  4. Reusable Cups: Personalized stadium cups come in many varieties. USA made, choose from cups made from recycled plastic, color changing cups or bright colored cups with straws and lids.
  5. Rulers: A useful giveaway for kids, American made rulers are made from 95% recycled material.
  6. Seeded Wristbands: Great for any paid admission event, offering wearable and plantable messaging is perfect for VIP access, fundraisers, carnivals, event tickets and more.
  7. Bandage Dispensers: Refillable bandage dispensers come in handy when you need a bandage.  Convenient design is easy to refill and includes five latex-free bandages. 
  8. Hand Sanitizer Pens: Perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle, USA made pen hand sanitizers come in a convenient small size allowing the sanitizer to fit almost anywhere.
  9. Food & Pet food can lids: Lids can reseal most common food and pet cans. An ideal eco-friendly promo item for veterinary practices, animal rescue organizations, doggie daycares, groomers, dog walkers and more!
  10. Pencils: USA made logoed pencils are a low-cost giveaway and come in a variety of styles such as recycled, color changing and FSC certified.

All of these eco-friendly promotional items are made in the USA. To show your support for America, add “Made in the USA” to your art design. Most of these products are under $1 each and many are also made from recycled materials and are recyclable. 

If budget allows, one of the well-received giveaways at outdoor events is sling backpacks as they can easily be used to carry swag. While not USA made, Eco Promotional Products’ safety backpacks are tear-resistant and water repellent and feature 1" safety reflective stripes, black draw cords with reinforced corner grommets and a carrying handle. These backpacks are made from recycled content and are also recyclable.