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Why Choose Eco-friendly Awards?

More and more of the people making purchasing decisions for businesses and organizations are becoming eco-conscious. They are aware of the need to start doing a better job of taking care of our people, planet as well as profit. Setting up recycling stations/bins, encouraging waste-free lunches, carpooling, and reducing paper usage are just a few ways they are making a difference. That being said, often decision makers think of these basic things helping the environment, but neglect to think about the sustainability of the items they purchase. Just consider recognition awards. Awards are given out to honor positive performance. Some are even given out in recognition of eco-responsible issues. It is ironic that too many of the awards chosen for presentation are taking a toll on our environment. 

Too many awards are made of acrylic or other non-sustainable materials. Acrylic is a form of plastic that cannot break down in a landfill. While the awards might look pretty and are usually less costly than crystal, stone, wood or glass, every one produced will be on this earth forever! So if you would like to do your part to reduce, reuse and recycle what we already have on this earth and not deplete earth’s natural resources, eco-friendly awards are the way to go!

It makes sense that an environmental award, or any other award for that matter, would be best if it was environmentally friendly! One idea is to purchase an award that is made from a renewable resource like bamboo. Take it a step further and and have it made out of FSC certified bamboo like this plaque! Anything recycled is also a great gesture as materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill are being reused. Recycled products often use less water, energy and overall resources to produce. We have awards made out of recycled glass, recycled wood, recycled aluminum and recycled stone and they are unique and  beautiful. Another important consideration is USA made awards. If it is made in the USA, the carbon footprint from shipping would be smaller. This is something that many environmental individuals would appreciate.

Give your recognition awards purchasing decisions some real thought. You will be honoring your deserving recipients and showing your respect to our earth with these truly unique, eco-friendly awards.