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Top Health and Fitness Promotional Products for January

Getting fit and losing weight are among the top New Year’s resolutions every year. Health clubs frequently offer zero-joiner fees or promotional incentives to attract new members. Fitness related promotional products have many uses other than registration incentives. They can be used as giveaways for healthy competition in classes, birthday/holiday gifts to clients, or given when a Cross Fit team member achieves a new personal record or wins a competition. For organizations kicking off fitness and weight loss challenges at the start of the new year, invest in promotional products to support your program and keep participants motivated.

The most popular promotional product for fitness and weight loss is a reusable water bottle. Studies have long shown that drinking more water can help with weight loss, especially when water replaces high calorie drinks. Water bottles come in a variety of price points to fit any budget. Eco Promotional Products can also help you customize your art to include water measurements, to encourage recipients to drink the recommended 64 ounces of water daily.

If you are looking for a higher value water bottle with a low minimum, a great option is a protein shaker water bottle. Eco Promotional Products’ 24 ounce custom protein shaker is made from highly durable Tritan copolyester and will withstand being dropped on a hard gym floor. The minimum on this product is only 24 pieces. Many other high quality bottles like our Contigo water bottle have 48 piece minimums. The Contigo Autoseal Water Bottle is a favorite among fitness centers and outdoor boot camp programs as the storage compartment is perfect for an ID. 

Fitness tracker and pedometers will help get people moving which is an important part of weight loss. Solar powered pedometers are energy-efficient and affordable. For a more high-tech version, choose a Bluetooth fitness bracelet. Eco Promotional Products’ waterproof fitness band activity tracker has a digital watch that features data tracking, fitness information sharing and time display. This multi-function tracker can be used as a pedometer, sleep monitor, alarm, camera, video remote and more. 

Fandanas and cooling towels are two other popular fitness giveaways. Unisex reusable Fandanas have a tubular design that can be used as a bandana, headband, beanie, skull cap or scrunchie! Reusable cooling towels are ideal for keeping cool during a workout or toweling off afterwards. Simply wet, wring and wear. Poly Vinyl Acetyl (PVA) material allows cool air to stimulate cooling in order to help lower your core temperature. 

Don’t let the holidays get in the way of your January planning. Let Eco Promotional Products help you find the best eco-friendly health and fitness promotional products for January.