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Green Giveaways: Sustainable Eco-Friendly Swag for College Orientation

College orientation is an exciting time for incoming first-year students embarking on a new academic journey. It’s time for department representatives and student groups to make lasting impressions. In support of campus-wide initiatives to go green, Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP) has branded products with socially and environmentally responsible benefits that are perfect for product giveaways, tabling events, and other fun student engagement opportunities. There are many practical, budget-friendly items students can reuse and incorporate when they move to campus in the fall.

EPP proudly serves educational institutions with the best promotional items for college orientation and other student affairs. Here are a few product recommendations to help better engage with students while maintaining a sustainable brand presence:

Pens are a classic giveaway at college orientations. Not only are they cost-effective marketing tools, but pens are also practical gifts for students to use for their studies. EPP has pens made from recycled plastics and wheat straw that are more durable and stylish than typical promotional pens. Customize the MOPTOPPERS® Wheat Straw Ballpoint Stylus Pen with your university logo, tagline, and colors. Eco-friendly pen barrel is made from 50% wheat straw content, a renewable resource. Its mop top makes a perfect screen cleaner for all electronics. It also includes a soft silicone tip for touchscreen devices. Students will love this pen for its sustainable benefits and functionality.

Moving in and out of residence halls can be a stressful process for students. Waste from moving boxes, disposable containers, and plastic bags can also present challenges for campuses looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Using reusable, durable tote bags can make a difference. Plus, they are a practical and budget-friendly promotional welcome gift for incoming students. Tote bags like EPP’s Large Recycled Laundry Tote Bag are essential, especially for students living on campus. Tote is made from 20% recycled materials, has durable straps, and can include custom messaging. Students can use these oversized tote bags to carry their items with ease when it is time to move in and out of resident halls. They can also be used for toting laundry to laundry facilities or home for a long weekend. Students will use this bag at every opportunity, highlighting the school and its commitment to reducing unnecessary waste.

Higher education institutions can’t go wrong with giving away reusable water bottles at orientation. While water bottles are a classic giveaway, choose one that students will want to use on a regular basis. Go above and beyond by putting a logo on reusable water bottles made from sustainable materials with socially responsible benefits. Consider a water bottle made from 100% RPET or recycled plastics. 100% recycled sports bottle also features an FSC Certified bamboo lid, is Prop. 65 compliant and holds up to 22 ounces. Through a partnership with 1% for the Planet, one percent of the sales of this product is donated to non-profit organizations dedicated to stewarding the environment.

Sticker sheets are a fun and interactive way to promote campus pride. EPP’s stickers sheets are USA-made and can also be customized to have multiple designs with university colors, mascots, and taglines. Students love showing their personality by stickering laptops, water bottles, and more. Add the sticker sheets to welcome bags as an extra gift for stopping by.

Reducing single-use plastics is a common initiative on college campuses. Promote campus waste-free efforts by giving away reusable utensil sets during orientation. EPP has branded utensil sets that can include a fork, knife, spoon, straw, straw cleaners, and even chopsticks. Plant Fiber Cutlery Set is one of many popular utensil kits students enjoy. Students can easily carry this set in their backpacks or lunch bags, making them a functional product for trips to the dining hall. The case and cutlery are made of a mix of 40% plant fiber polypropylene and wheat straw. It is also microwave safe, FDA Approved, and BPA free.

Lips balm is a typical promotional product seen at tabling events, tradeshows, and giveaways. EPP offers lip balms with organic formulas and ensures the ingredients are certified by the USDA. This USA-made lip balm is produced in a factory that is B Corp certified and has a container made with 25-30% post-industrial plastic.

Branded travel nail kits are unique gifts that will attract student attention. They promote health and wellness on campus. EPP’s On the Go Mini Travel Nail Clipper Manicure Kit comes with a reusable tin that can have your full-color logo on the front. The tin can be reused or refilled with other essential items. Each kit includes a small nail clipper, a larger nail clipper, an emery board, and a metal nail file.

It is a win-win for students and universities to give away environmentally and socially responsible promotional products during college orientations and other student outreach events. Students will receive functional and sustainable gifts they can use throughout their academic careers as the university promotes its commitment to sustainability.

EPP is grateful for helping customers in the education sector become more sustainable. Call 877-ECO-WINS for more information on how your university or department can have environmentally and socially promotional items at orientation events.