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The Best Gifts for College Students

The holiday season is upon us and students will soon be taking exams and heading home for winter break. Whether it’s for the holidays or any other time of year, look no further for eco-friendly gifts. Eco Promotional Products offers a large variety of eco-friendly gift ideas for students. Choose from a wide variety of merchandise including tech accessories, drinkware and bags.

Following are the top 10 gifts for college students:

  1. Duffels & Backpacks:  Duffels are great for storing things when not in use, but they are also a must-have for weekend trips home or to visit friends at other campuses. For those who like to travel light, backpacks are another option and can also be used for hiking and camping.
  2. Fanny packs: Fanny packs are making a comeback, especially on college campuses. College students love the functionality of fanny packs and they are a staple at outdoor music festivals.
  3. Reusable drinkware: Reusable water bottles are the new status symbol. A reusable water bottles shows a commitment to the environment and the brand, design and colors can give insight into one’s personality. CamelBak and Contigo are two very popular retail brands that are frequently on “best of” lists and are offered by Eco Promotional Products
  4. Charging stations: Additional places to charge electronics are needed by college students for all their gadgets. Choose from wireless charging pads, power cubes with multiple USB and AC charging ports, or a USB desktop caddy.
  5. Mobile chargers: It’s clear students today are never without their phones. Students won’t have to worry about a dead phone battery again with a mobile charger.
  6. Charging cables: Students can never have too many charging cables. They break with heavy use and often get left behind when traveling. Eco Promotional Products’ fully custom Micro-USB to USB Charge & Sync Cable is a high value gift for anyone on a college campus.
  7. Flash drives: USB drives are used daily on campuses. Flash drives allow for easy data transfer.   Students use flash drives when going between labs and their own computers, sharing classroom notes, bringing work to class and more.
  8. Headphones: Gone are the days when people only needed one pair of headphones. Today, college students might have one pair of earbuds for the gym and/or commuting to and from class and another high-end pair for listening to music and watching movies on a computer.
  9. Journals: A beautiful journal is a thoughtful gift any time of year. College students use Moleskine journals for notetaking, planning and journaling. Eco Promotional Products offers another quality eco-friendly journal made from apple peels.
  10. Desktop accessories: Organizational caddies, phone holders and picture frames all make a desk more functional and inviting.

All of these gift items will be well-received during the holidays. Additionally, they will also work well for end-of-year gifts for graduates, student employees and more.