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Promotional Products for Campus Sustainability Month 2018

Since 2003, hundreds of green campuses have participated in Campus Sustainability Day (historically held on the 4th Wednesday in October).

Throughout October, Campus Sustainability Month, building on the success over the past decade, AASHE (The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education) has invited campuses to participate in events.

The theme for this year’s Campus Sustainability Month is Nonpartisan Engagement and the November Elections. The goal is to get more college students to vote.

Since the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida earlier this year, young people have mobilized as seen by the thousands who participated in March for Our Lives rallies across the country. Voter registration for voters 18- 29-year-olds has surged in Florida, Pennsylvania other swing states. According to Democratic data firm TargetSmart, voters between the ages of 18-29 accounted for 61 percent of new voter registrations in Pennsylvania since the Parkland shooting. Virginia, Indiana, New York, Arizona and Florida have all seen an increase of about 8-10 percentage points in the youth share of new voter registrants.

As students return to campus this fall, voter registration drives will be a top priority for college sustainability and political groups. Most states require voter registration to be non-partisan and registrars can not promote a political party when registering new voters. Student groups hosting voter registration drives should research their state rules before hosting a voter registration drive.

There are many issues at stake in the November election including a possible Supreme Court seat, environmental protection, gun control, LGBTQ rights, women’s reproductive rights and more. Politically minded-student groups can identify local candidates fighting for the issues at hand and educate students on the best candidates to support. Groups can help get the vote out with eco-friendly promotional products and apparel. For booth displays, have representatives wearing branded apparel and a table covered with a table throw made from 100% recycled fiber and plastics. Add small incentives to attract new members like computer stickers, buttons or water bottles. Your group’s name and logo on these items will make an impression all around campus leading up to the election.

Colleges and universities are preparing the next generation of political leaders and we hope young people come out and vote in record numbers in November.