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Promotional Products for Energy Conservation 2022

After The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) established fossil fuel emissions as the dominant cause of global warming, there has been a massive push to transform the global energy market. The increase of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere has been linked to the world’s fossil fuel dependence over generations. This trend has resulted in public health concerns, habitat destruction, intense climate events, and other societal consequences.

Along with negative climate change effects, wasted energy is another global concern due to poor infrastructure and the lack of awareness. It was estimated by the World Economic Forum that in 2018 around 68% of the United States’ energy production is wasted through various inefficiencies. Therefore, promoting behaviors in support of energy conservation is key in supporting global and local efforts to minimize the effects of climate change and create a more energy-efficient society.

Eco Promotional Products offers many items that support energy conservation educational campaigns. These items help spread awareness about the importance of conserving energy, renewable energy transitions, and sustainable development goals. Following are the top-selling  conservation awareness products:

  • Wind Turbine Pen. Made in the USA, this ballpoint pen is a simple addition to any educational campaign. It offers a unique design with a wind turbine at its end to spread awareness about renewable energy technologies. Wind turbine pens are available in a variety of colors, some of which are recycled.
  • Off-Road Solar Charger. Along with water and dust-proof features, the solar charger is convenient for outdoor activities. Its wireless charging technology encourages users to leave their chargers in the sun and to leave their loose, long cables at home. The device has a battery capacity of 12,000 mAH and is effective in showing communities how efficient solar energy is and how it is also compatible with everyday life.
  • Energy Savings Tip Magnet. USA made magnet is an Eco Promotional Products exclusive item. Informational magnets feature 10 energy-saving tips to promote efficiency in any space. The educational tips written on the magnets encourage users to be conscious of their household energy use, in turn saving money.
  • Bookmark with Plantable Seed Paper Shape. Bookmarks are made of 100% recycled cardstock and include a plantable seed paper shape. Energy awareness shapes include lightbulbs, turbines, water droplets, and more. Messaging can be customized to support brand awareness and provide facts about energy conservation.

Click here to see how these eco-friendly products can serve your energy awareness campaigns. More information regarding pricing and support can be found via the link as well.