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Stocking the School Store with Eco Friendly Promotional Products

Across the country Parent-Teacher groups are actively recruiting new members as well as planning school events and fundraisers for the 2016-2017 school year. School stores are a great way for PTOs and PTAs to raise money and they are a lot of fun for students as well. School stores teach kids about money and budgeting. Some school stores are staffed by students during lunch hours and these student workers are able to gain real world job experience.

PTO Today, a website and magazine dedicated to promoting and enabling practical and meaningful parent involvement in schools, offers advice for starting and stocking a school store. One of the most important aspects of the store is the merchandise. Stores need to have items kids like at price points kids can afford. Eco-friendly promotional products for kids don’t need to break the bank.  

Pencils and erasers with the school name and logo are popular items for school stores. Children will love fun eco-friendly pencils such as our recycled denim pencils, recycled currency pencils or our American made, recycled mood pencils. These mood pencils are made of 30% post consumer products and the pencils change color with the heat of a hand. Eco Promotional Products also offers color-changing mood erasers. Another fun eraser option is a recycled eraser stick which looks like wood but is actually made from recycled paper and has a smiley face on the end. Other promotional items, under $1, kids love are Frisbees and reusable color changing straws. Eco Promotional Products’ Frisbees and reusable straws are both made in the USA. All of these items are also great prizes for school carnivals/fun fairs or rewards for good behavior, birthday recognition and more.

While water fountains are a staple at schools, children are encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle every day. Don’t shy away from stocking a school store with water bottles thinking the costs are too high. Eco Promotional Products’ offers many different water bottles under $3. Kid-tested favorites are foldable water bottles and squeeze sports water bottles at low costs.                                                                                                                                          

We can also help design your art to read “This bottle belongs to" with a spot for children to write their names to help identify look-alike bottles. Check out this Squeeze Sports Water Bottle that is USA made and 40% recycled!

Starting a school store? Call 877-ECO-WINS. Eco Promotional Products will work with your budget and give you a customized proposal for your school store.